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Winter Bus Driver 2

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Holidays are over and time to back to work. Pick up passengers from bus stops and deliver them to their destinations. Drive carefully, avoid crashes with other vehicles and pedestrians, but try to drive as fast as possible for maximum score. You are free to choose your route.

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This is boring after 2 mins

oh wow! this game is fun! and nice touches with the pedestrians, i didnt know you can squish them, i did it for fun thinking that it would just go through them but you added it in there! so it was really interesting. The mechanics and gameplay was very neat! but the bus was really hard to drive which made the game even more funner and love how you added a life/damage bar to worry about. the cars/drivers are hilarious! funny programming on them and how they just act like a real driving game but also they do weird things now and then! anyways fun game! in the lets play i was trying to go to level 1 and finish it but took a while so i went cruising! i played the game after it! and it was fun!

Watch my lets play!


This is awesome. A bit annoying how easily the slow at the sides of the road slow you down, and how you can't pick up speed past a certain momentum, but the fact that there is an entire world at your disposal... that makes this game stand out amongst the competition. The level (one big level) design is elaborate and realistic, and it's great how you can just drive around and explore or go straight to the goal, it's a free world. Good physics, plenty of vehicles, even pedestrians that can be damaged... the game world is awesome, and driving around both fun and a challenge. Really nice work! Medals could be the final touch. Keep it going!


The controls work fine (though when I continue to turn and back up in a specific direction when the back of the bus is already folded, it appears as if the bus starts skidding in the direction of the fold. The mechanics you put in for the vehicles and people were good (you made cars and people stop when the bus was in front of their path, just like in real life). The tire tracks left by the bus, the bus sounds, and the art for the game was good as well. The concept of the game can be exciting, but the way it is executed in this game through different programmed definitions makes it frustrating, slow, and boring.
- The bus moves way too slow to create any real challenge or concept that the driver is rushing to pick people up. I understand that when it is snowing, vehicles move at slower speeds, but couldn't driving fast have been the fun? A bus trying to go extremely fast in icy weather, trying to avoid people and car would be a difficult and maybe sometimes even funnier challenge (if there is a way to move faster then . Also, the bus moving even slower while off the road, which is way to slow. It would make more sense if it slid when going off the road.
- You say in the comment section we are free to choose our own route yet we have to park in a certain direction. What if the path I chose led the bus down the right street, but in the wrong direction? I'd suggest making it so just stopping in the space will count.
- Usually in games, the difficulty after each level or task increases. I could be wrong, but I didn't see anything getting tougher in the game. Some games don't need this, but since the level is not changing and driving from one spot is the same as driving to another, more additions or difficult would be good.

Overall, the game looks good and the concept is good, but the game lacks in enjoyable gameplay, which I believe should be a game creator's first concern when they are putting it together. This is however, only my perspective (I'm just one opinion). Still, it is a decent game and I hope to see more of your games in the future.

Its an okay game,

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1.52 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2014
3:59 AM EST
  • Daily 4th Place February 6, 2014