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Hut Defense

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A strategic defensive game that contains 60 levels, 18 defense units, 17 different territories and more than 150 improvements available as you progress in the game.

Use mouse only.

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that wasn't fun at all.

spoiler on how to beat:
first group of levels- spam warriors
second group- spam warriors
third- unlock poision, suicide bomb harder troops keep a line of strong troops near exit
fourth all the way until end- unlock crossbow man, spam them.

literally hours of spamming crossbowmen is what this game is
+1 star for all the different things you can level up (although it doesn't matter at all)

great !

Hut Defense is a misleading name. Instead of defensive structures, the huts you build serve no purpose other than to spawn units and occasionally issue them orders. The game is actually a single-lane army swarm game. I didn't have the patience to grind much further past the Battle Axe unit (which is a shame because the crossbows are where moving back and forth starts to get interesting,) The problem is you can't replay levels you've already gotten three stars on, you need 5000 gold for the next unit (which the enemy army already HAS,) and if this pattern continues, dragons will be raping my army while I'm still struggling to unlock land units. And that's just gold. Forget about levelling up your units. Axeman is nearly obsolete and I'm only at 135/500? Yeah, no thanks.

Lack of levels and units are not the problem. The problem is that the developers want me to do an unreasonable amount of grinding just to unlock the units the game already has. In fact, it's not even grinding, near as I can tell. I just need to lose battles over and over again until I have enough coins to progress. No fucking thanks.

Why are "gold" and "coins" two separate resource types? I accidentally wasted coins on gold increase skills I never actually wanted. I wish there were a way to respec Skills. Oh, and don't be fooled. That treasure chest that gives you bonus coins in the early stages? Yeah, that goes away in the later stages. It feels as punishing as a pay-to-win game, except without any actual gold shop to make the pain stop. Just plain misguided, confusing, and bad all around.

I did like the monster designs, though..

Quite,good,but the graphics and setting is not good enough.

it's good enough
though it needs few improvement on map design