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Cereal Killers

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Sugar Sweet sours on being a cereal mascot.

Written by Sam T Nelson and Mike Peterson
Mike Peterson as Sugar Sweet & Count Monstula
Piper Petrie as Mom & Kids

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Loved the video! The rivalry between the Sugar Sweet Cat and Count Chocula was hilarious!!! By the way, is Sugar Sweet cereal a real cereal? Like, can you ACTUALLY find it in stores??

Samination responds:

No, it was all made up.

This was perfect in every way. And those kids are about to get a litter of half-cat siblings. That'll be fun. Actually, it'll be GRRREEEAATT!!!! Get it? Since he's equivalent to Tony the tiger.

Just what I'd expect from the creator of Messed up Bible Stories. I was trying to find your stuff for a long time thinking it was from Darkmatter2525 instead but he's nowhere near as good at parody as you, he's too much an activist and takes what he's doing so seriously.

Samination responds:

Agreed. HIs stuff is a little too preachy. I'm just more about the comedy. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the video!

People get tired of their jobs anyways! This was fucking hilarious.

Blahh. So sweet, so sugary

So sweet So sugary !! BLAHHH!!!!