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Control up to 6 characters at the same time in this short fast typing game. Use your keyboard to jump or attack obstacles.


“If you think this is hard, wait until late game.”

This is the point at which I quit. The game is so slow now that I can smoke a bowl between obstacles. No surprise I got a high score.

I’d like to play this at normal speed.

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way too much lag in the movements. I kinda like the concept but it needs to be much more fluid to get up to a 3* plus rating.

great game, but on my compture it was laggy. luv the music,platform was awesome, mostly i loved every thing. keep up the great work

Decent game, but you desperately need to get rid of the blocks after they leave the screen, or the game lags like crazy. By the end, mine was going about .3 FPS, or 3 seconds a frame. Add that, and the game would be great

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Liked the pacing, Especially the first time when I got some unexpected dinosaurs all of a sudden. knocked off a star because the game glitches out whenever the aliens are introduced. Liked how the game reminds me of the guitar hero rhythm games

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2.90 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2014
11:48 AM EST
Skill - Avoid