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Curse of the Golden Fly

rated 2.83 / 5 stars
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Feb 3, 2014 | 10:37 PM EST

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Thousands of years ago, a king of Lower Egypt worshiped the demon of chaos and destruction. With the aid of an artifact, a golden fly, the Grand Vizier betrayed his king and sent him into exile.
The fly finds its way to Lesley, a twelve-year-old girl in present-day Indiana, who unwittingly learns of its magical powers. But will she learn of its curse before it’s too late?



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not normally checking out reviews or trailers, myself... I have to admit this is an interesting idea (flash trailoring books)... So, yes, kudoes to you (forgive the spellings)...
That said... Content-wise, could you maybe have included just a little more of the substance of the book without spoiler(s)? Fine and dandy that an ancient cursed object found its way to an innocent child's possession, but... you know, something of how or where and when... and it might help (with paranoid/over protective parents) to know that it isn't some witch-hunting novel or something just a little too advanced/graphic for the kid in question...
PLEASE, keep in mind my offerings are ONLY suggestions as I think on them. The rating should speak well on its own as an imperical value. I just believe I should offer constructive critique whenever I have something to 'offer'...

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Camille556 responds:

Hey, thanks for the comment. I'm a librarian at a school that has 7th grade through 12th so I can relate to your concerns. It's being marketed as a Young Adult, so there will be mild language, no sex, and some teen issues which younger children couldn't relate to. Of course, some young adult books can be more extreme too, but this is more of a YA than a Middle Grade book.
I appreciate your comments and your rating. : )


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Marketing Technique. I think that this could be a very unique way to promote books to Generation Y and Z. It took me a while to realize that this was a real book. Now I have to go check it out!

Flash Movie Trailers for books could be a real market in the education field. Publishers could start making Flash Movie Trailers for the books rather cheaply and children can access the Flash Movies through the library or whatever device the schools are putting in the kids hands now. If someone can pitch it to a few schools they will run with the program for 5 years all the time convincing other schools to go to the Flash Book Trailer program. Even if it flops, it would be 7 or 10 years before the business is gone.

Camille556 responds:

Thank you! I appreciate the time you took to comment. I'm actually a librarian at a Jr/Sr High School. English teachers are using book trailers as a way to promote reading interest. : )