Abandoned Mansion

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You were traveling around the country and ended up in a small town. While relaxing in the local pub you overheard a few gentlemen talking about an abandoned Mansion that was supposed to have some treasure hidden inside. You decided to go and check it out. Once you arrive you start having second thoughts about going inside. Too bad the taxi left and now you are stranded at the abandoned mansion. You might as well go inside and check it out....


Another asylum-like puzzle game well done! Appreciate the brooding atmosphere as always, and I like that there's a guide to the interface at the start of start of this one too - feels like that's something some of the newer ones are missing. Difficulty level's balanced; gameplay pretty flawless. Love the details in the interface, like the skeleton hands. Feels like there was a lot more detail like that back in the day... good game.


Another good one SD. Loving your games.

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More than one solution to a given problem had me saying, "Oh, right. How did I not see that?" I was able to figure out the combination to the lock, remembering the direction those worked in was a little tougher and at first I thought I had the wrong numbers. An enjoyable entry in the Abandoned series.

I was stuck with a magic book after collecting six jewels. Then, I found out from the walk through I had to create a seven letter word and collect the last jewel. This wasn't given as a hint anywhere in the game, pff... Next, I had to put the jewels back to various holding slots inside the house. And all of a sudden, I discovered the hidden treasure (not sure what was it though).

I like that there was a space for typing note on the map so that I could type in clues and stuff.

Yay, found the treasure! \m/ Great game!

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3.53 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2014
10:11 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click