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Grow your clan to 15 members by building skills to survive through hunger, war, and illnesses. Starting off with two members, you must train skills and research fields to strengthen your clan's capabilities. Expand your clan through successful pregnancies and marriages.

At the end of every season is a meeting where all five clan representatives join to make decisions. Making the right allies and avoiding the wrong enemies can mean the difference between a thriving clan and a dead one.

Refreshing and reloading your save can be a temporary fix to certain bugs encountered, sorry about that!

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I like the concept, but it's not a great implementation.
-Not being able to interact with other clans is a MAJOR downside because RNG determines if you'll be able to do anything at negotiations. Clans will just randomly decide to war with you in the first season, which in turn makes others not want to form alliances with you, and snowballs further until they start to accept peace offerings.
-The game kinda corners you immediately by making the only person who can hunt for raw meat be unable to teach that skill to others.
-I'm sure that's all a pain in the future, but I wouldn't know because my files keep soft-locking. The first time, the only child I had turned sickly green after a healing session and became unable to interact with. She didn't age either, and remained on screen even when I exited to the menu, until I deleted the file. I tried again and managed to make it past the marriage of my first child, but the season changed and suddenly everyone was unable to be used or viewed again. I don't know why that's a persistent problem that occurs when time passes, but it's a big deal for the game to just stop letting me play.

This game was amazing! It was challenging, and yes, I did rage quite a bit. But it is a fun stategy game. It took me over two hours to complete.


For everyone who needs help, I'll give a bit of advice: with the starting mother character, make sure she cooks a lot over the first spring and summer, to help you during the colder months. If you research, start out with either foraging (or whichever helps with gathering) or trapping. Food and resources play a major role in this game. After that, work on housing. If you're low on supples (blue), get the mother or a child with the 'gathering' trait to gather.

If you want a certain clan to stop fighting with you, use the 'fight' button, which will eventually make them want you to stop, and they'll most likely accept a peace offer (or they'll offer for peace with a lower option called 'offer'). If you want to know what a certain clans relations are with other clans, hit any of the options with them (For example: trade deals, peace offer, etc.) and look to the right. To the left are your relations.

Oh, and with the kids, make sure at least one can research, and/or hunt. The starting mom can help with gathering, healing, cooking, and teaching.

Hope I didn't spoil too much, just wanted to help some strugglers out there. I sure struggled. :) Overall, I loved it. Super addictive & challenging. Totally would play the sequel.

Kind of addicted, i keep running out of names for the babies, so i naturally leave it blank but after a while the random names get repetitive. After a clan member dies the game glitches sometimes, and once you get say about 7-8 clan members, i save the game, then come back later and there is a glitch so i have to restart at times. I do love the game though, but would love it if for every year more upgrades are available.
For those who need a little luck on their side here's how you can survive the first 2 years with no deaths.
Just have the one baby first, do not let the food go under 6 per day, do not send an injured clan member to hunt, harvest fight or steal it will result in death most of the time (nurse them until they are healed before you send them out). If you are getting the guy to do research the order that works best for me is hunting (till complete), salvaging (till complete), flavouring (till complete), housing, weaponry, schooling, med chem, mining, advanced housing, thievery.
It is best to make sure that 3 children can cook and harvest (and at least one of the three can teach) and at least another child per couple can heal too.
I would be more specific and tell you how to complete the actual goal in 30mins, but that would take the fun out of trying yourself xD

A fun game but the tutorial doesn't explain how to get married. to someone.AIt's acute game.

LOL...It was day when I played it. It was midnight when I won....LOL

It's THAT addicting!!

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3.78 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2014
9:59 PM EST
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