Virus Wars: Beginning

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Inspired by Phage Wars

This laboratory is providing experiments with viruses. The viral cells are very survivable, but when they meet rival cells, they are being mutually neutralized. Here your task is to help one type of viruses win this eternal war.

P.S. added new levels, improved enemies AI

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took me like 4 days...i cant finish lvl 1

This game has no save feature.
1 star for trying.

The AI is an improvement over Phage Wars - they were smarter and their stats will increase as you level, making the game continue to be a challenge in later levels. Its good to see that my Str/Rep/Def build is no longer optimal and speed has much more importance.

Unlike PW however, I feel that there is a lack of true customization as you'd eventually max every stat out. It still retains the weakness of eventually becoming boring and lacking replay value because there isn't much to spice up the game; all you need to do is figure out to keep your cells healthy and attack the enemy when they are weakened, and to make the Strength cells a #1 priority.

Overall its a decent game and it has a better challenge than Phage Wars, but this genre needs something fresh; more variety of stats and cell types perhaps, maybe even the ability to convert cell types where necessary.

This is an awesome game. It's simple and easy. The multi-select makes gameplay extreme and almost arcade like in simplicity.

I do have a few notes. While the speed and strength do an awesome job of upgrading and display, the reproduction and defense seem to do almost nothing. After maxing out, I find truly how unimportant both were at all. The reproduction is a bit of a mystery as some cells cause more than other. I have never seen a defense or improved reproductivity, but I know it's in there somewhere...

And final note: what's with Newgrounds windows? When I click drag the window starts to scroll, and how in the world can I concentrate on the gameplay during this madness. The controls though awesome seem to glitch at time where my mouse over it has no effect.

It's a great game, besides that. I'd be interested for the next, and when interface gets to the next level. Wait a go!

Phage Wars is much better. I cannot see any signifigant improvements to the aforementioned game; Virus Wars still has the same stats, in-game music, cells, WITH the lack of different enviroments and with an overall cartoonish look, which makes it look it's to be played by young people (8-12). Not a good experience at all. 2,5 stars for the effort.

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3.71 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2014
6:40 PM EST
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