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Author Comments

You are a simple, citizen-class robot who has been abducted by Dr. Nemesis and forced through his weapons-testing facility. The good news is that he has replicated you, so with each horrid death comes a renewed hope of escape.

Pass all 21 of his "anti-hero" rooms in this puzzle-platformer, and he will allow you to escape. But can you acquire the five keys that give you access to Dr. Nemesis himself, so you can exact your revenge?

This is my first non "jam" game, and it was a blast to make. I hope it's fun/difficult enough for you all! Just let me know if you have any questions or comments. There's a walkthrough on Youtube if you get stuck. Just search "disposabot walkthrough."


Awesome. But I don't like 2nd boss stage very much. It's not a puzzle at all :S

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This game was so much fun to play. With its jovial and colorful graphics, smooth controls, interesting concept, and a soundtrack that goes perfectly with the game, Disposabot had me playing for quite a while. I noticed, however, that an I-Tetromino does not appear as one of the clouds in the background. This was so much fun to play, and it's easy to tell that lots of effort was put into this. Excellent job!

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I don't see why level 13 is so hard. It was easy for me. Here's a hint with the timed bombs: Walk off the edge RIGHT before it blows up, creating a decent path.

Great game, 5 and 4.5 /5
Gameplay - 5, good controls, a little story
Music - 4, a bit repetitive
SFX - 5
Graphics - 5, nice and pixely

Overall, hard at times, frustrating sometimes, but
definitely fun game. Liked it to the end. One notice,
and I think game makers on NeoGeo should take
this as an example, the ending of your game, it is
pretty much ingenious. Albeit bland, as I first thought,
but then I remembered, that most of the games
just have 'thanks for playing', while here you actu-
ally HAVE to escape. This is the one feature that
made me write this review.


Great game, but if I wanted to make a "top ten most infuriating levels for all the wrong reasons" list, level 13 would be in there for sure. I knew there was trouble when you added timing, until then it was fine but now there's an infuriation factor of having to do exact timing. Plus, on level 13, if you make ONE TINY MISTAKE, you have to restart. Nice.

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Unept responds:

Ya, I have gotten a lot of feedback on that one. I'd change it except for all of this laziness oozing out of me. ;)

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Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2014
6:20 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle