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100&1 presents

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What happens if 4 kids share the same birthday?! All-out presents stealing mayhem!

100&1 Presents is a 2-4 player game where each player tries to grab presents and kill the other players with the contents of the present. All the presents are nicely wrapped so nobody knows whats inside.

Whoever still stands on his feet at the end of the slaughter wins.

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the premise is interesting, the kid with the most presents/who can survive bashing all his friends, gets all the presents. however, as with other Multiplayer games on this site, how can you play more than one person if you're a SINGLE PLAYER. MAKE A SINGLE PLAYER GAME, WITH AI OPPONENTS, AND INCLUDE A MULTIPLAYER OPTION. This isn't a hard concept to learn. that way, an entire group of people isn't alienated from your game. from what I was able to glean, being a single player running around and collecting presents which turn out to be weapons, you can only collect 2 before you are forced to use a present/weapon to attempt to blow up your adversary/ies.
it's got a chance, but forcing 2 people minimum to play this to have any idea of the full gravity of the game leaves a lot to be desired. i can only grade on what i have seen and experienced whoch wasn't that much.
2/5, 1/5 stars

it won't let me click start? also the multiplayer thing does really work when using one keyboard so yea. i didn't get to play the game (wouldn't work) so yea. no stars sorry.

CoolstorybroDev responds:

You have to use your keyboard to start the game (press enter)^^

This game isn't so bad. It would be a lot better if more effort was put into it. The graphics are lame. It wouldn't be that bad if it was someone's first game. It has potential.

CoolstorybroDev responds:

Hey, thanks. Yeah but we made this game in 1 month (we try to make 1 game each month). And we are still trying to get better at 3d modelling so ;)

Either way, thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it.

Good game, very fun, but requires multiple people at one keyboard, and I cannot see 3-4 players ever happening. BUT this must have took some pretty damn good creativity, nonetheless. And Idc what you think, this game has the potential to be great, especially if online multiplayer was added. Good game.

CoolstorybroDev responds:

Hey thanks! actually you can play with multiple keyboards. But I agree that it is hard to play with more than 2 players on one keyboard. However we try to create 1 game each month and we didn't have enough time to implement multiplayer^^

Fun multiplayer but is a little bit too much for 4 players in one keyboard.

CoolstorybroDev responds:

Very true. We were hoping some people would connect 2 keyboards... :D And possible give it an online feature if it proves to be fun enough.