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Mr. Daddy Lion Face #1

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A son asks his dad a question

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That was...just perfect.

PavsterBulldozer responds:

You username is so appropriate too haha, Bearded Justice ;)

Dude that was so... stuped. I mean that it is not funny it is just a gore. Pointles gore and no more.

PavsterBulldozer responds:

I know I am sorry man :( Maybe you'll like the next cartoon I make :) sorry again

This is a total non-sense, in the wrong way. I mean, random humor can be fun, but the combination must be fun. When I saw the title I expected more. Too Short, Too Unfunny, Too Stupid. Sorry, 2 and a half stars. I guess I must not expect another "Justin Bieber Shot At By Cops" type of cartoon.

PavsterBulldozer responds:

Some people need a little pointless stupidity in their lives :) I'm just trying to entertain ppl by doing what I love i don't get paid for this or make money from it, just a hobby I do for fun

The king is back

PavsterBulldozer responds:


Ha! This is going to favs! I found it funny keep it up man!

PavsterBulldozer responds:

lol thnx!! nothing better than a little uncalled for violence :P