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Run Alien, Run!

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Endless running has never been this far out! Take this little little alien for example, is he running to or from? You'll have to find out by running across this far off planet, dodging rocks, lava, spikes, and endless pits! Are you up to the challenge?

Play in Google Chrome for the full experience. There is a bug where the audio will only play in Google Chrome web browser. Working to fix it ASAP.

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2 words, thumbs up!

LongArmInteractive responds:

Thanks, GetHyper143!

really sluggish....nothing new, recycled/plain graphics, pointless motivation for players, badly-clashing UI's....it's really hard to provide reasonable feedback for something like this. that is because what am i to say that doesn't sound like a bash?

"nice use of two colors" or "i really enjoy how choppy the game is". there is a point at which credit for effort and driver on the authors part doesn't cover it.

Art by Kenney (not "Kenny"), sfx by kenney and freesound.org, design by generic-land, programming courtesy google.

this was probably a great learning experience, and i definitely see the enthusiasm.

the final point for me is that i'm really anti-HTML5. Flash is just a tighter package. also, sorry but every other review seems too candy-coated so i thought i'd be a little mean.

LongArmInteractive responds:

No hard feelings, mate. All feedback it accepted. And yes this game was a learning experience. 90% of the art was from a resource pack. However, the programming was not Google-ed, coded from scratch.

Pretty basic one-button game. Pressing "R" should replay rather than having to click Replay. Reason why is this is a keyboard game and you shouldn't have to switch between mouse and keyboard when there's no good reason.

Hit detection isn't great and I'm going to assume you went with a basic fully-enclosing hit box. If you're using hit boxes at all, go with hit boxes that are smaller than the sprite itself.

Game starts to lag as it plays on. Since it plays in only one direction, may I suggest unloading earlier portions of the level from memory once they're passed? I'm going to guess you aren't freeing up resources. If you're already doing that, then check for a memory leak.

Add sound effects and a musical track, but also add an option to mute either.

On the plus side, game is cute-looking, and I think it could be updated and improved.

LongArmInteractive responds:

I'll definitely put in the "R" for replay. I originally made this game for phones and tablets, so that should explain the UI. I t was a straight port for the most part.

The game does have audio and music but it only works in Chrome... I'll try and fix it soon.

Thanks for the feedback!

A nice thought, though not really something particularly new or fascinating. The fact that the alien was places in the center of the screen instead of farther to the left made me feel like the whole thin was rushed, and I wouldn't have a chance of being able to react fast enough to avoid prompt death. Try offsetting it to the left a bit, see if that makes a difference.

LongArmInteractive responds:

I'll see what I can do.

Ah, another game with that sprite. Pretty good, but the hit detection makes me feel cheated.

LongArmInteractive responds:

Ah, the sprite, yes. I'll work on changing the hit detection.

Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2014
8:43 PM EST