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Master the Guitar

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Metronome 5 Points

Play with the Metronome

Learn Blues 10 Points

Change Music Mode to Blues

Learn Dorian 10 Points

Change Music Mode to Dorian

Learn Locrian 10 Points

Change Music Mode to Locrian

Learn Lydian 10 Points

Change Music Mode to Lydian

Learn Minor 10 Points

Change Music Mode to Minor

Learn Mixolydian 10 Points

Change Music Mode to Mixolydian

Learn Pentatonic 10 Points

Change Music Mode to Pentatonic

Learn Phrygian 10 Points

Change Music Mode to Phrygian

Use The Capo 10 Points

Try out the capo

Try Fretboard Quiz! 25 Points

Try Fretboard Quiz

Welcome to Jam Session! 25 Points

Welcome to Jam Session! Master the Guitar! Begin with C Major.

Fretboard Brainiac 50 Points

Earn 100 Points in Fretboard Quiz

Fretboard Expert 100 Points

Earn 1000 Points in Fretboard Quiz

Lefty 100 Points

Flip the Guitar!

Tune to Drop D 100 Points

Adjust the Low E String to Drop D

Author Comments

Thank You for checking out Master the Guitar!

My name is Jordan Kinsley and I want you want to get better at playing the guitar, learning scales and playing with a metronome really help. Anyone who wants to master the guitar should at least know how to at least play C Major and if you want to be a guitar master you should memorize the whole fretboard.

Jam Session - (Requires Playing Guitar)
- With a 22 Fret Guitar model, display all you're favorite modes and musical scales including: Major, Minor, Dorian, Phrygian, Mixolydian, Lydian, Arabian, Chinese, Pentatonic and Blues. This section has a metronome, the ability to change the strings' tunings, you can even hide the notes you don't want to see. You are ready, master the guitar! God be with you.

Fretboard Quiz - (Memorizing the Fretboard)
- Tune you're brain to the guitar fretboard. Test Each Note all the way up the fretboard on each string! It starts out easy, but it goes up all the way fretboard. Keep track of how well you've done with Highscores. Remember, you can do anything you set you're mind to.

Thank You.

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Great game, particularly for someone looking to pick up the guitar. Fretboard expert medal will not unlock for me - any ideas?

JordanKinsley responds:

I went through your medals, they were unlocked for you, sometimes Newgrounds doesn't update the browser along with the game.

As a guitarist. I would totally recommend this game to anybody aspiring to be a rockstar musician like me. There's just so much to offer with this game.

great tool but the notes won't play and there needs to be a tutorial for roots and stuff.

This is really great work. I love all the scales you included in jam session and the fretboard quiz is really nice.

This came at a good time because I just started learning to play the guitar.