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Beat Baby

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Jan 29, 2014 | 10:50 AM EST

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Author Comments

first off, this isn't really a "game", it's more of a synth demo. However, you can see how long you can keep the ring spinning by clicking on it while in play mode (my best is 4 revs). If that (and the synth) don't hold your attention, I've got some car-keys I could jingle.

So, anyway, this is a beat-slicer with 9 source-beats that it plays in a non-liniar fashion (imagine a C.D. player with EXTREEME skipping issues). It uses a "nudge" pattern to keep the beat from becoming just a random series of sounds. for example, Beat-Baby will usually play the 1st, or 9th segment from a sample on the first beat of every measure.

The Big Red (or Green) Button in the middle of the screen with the arrow orbiting it: Play/Pause.
The ring spinning around the Play/Pause button: while paused, it executes a soft-reset. While playing you can try to beat my awe-inspiring score of 4 by clicking like a ferrit possesed by the souls of twelve other ferrits.

"Kick the One": Adds a kick drum to the first beat of every measure.
"Kick the 3 5 & 7": Adds a kick drum to the other "down" beats.
"Baby-play": Gives Beat Baby free licence to do what-ever it wants with the beat. (Right now, that just means switching the sample every 4, and turning off ZeroBeatPosition.)

"Chipmunky": shifts the pitch of sample play-back by one octave.
"Gate Style": Cycles through 5 amp gates.

Segments *2: was SUPPOSED to half the length of the sample segments, and double the skip-positions, but somthing is wrong with my math here. It's still kindof fun to use with the two buttons below it.

"Zero Beat Position": okay, I don't fully understand what is hapening with this one. It intentionally neglects to reset the position of the staging array to zero before loading a new beat-sample. The up-shot is that if you turn it off, you can mix the beats.

"Re-plot": with "Zero Beat Position" turned off, this button adds 'more' of the currently selected beat to the mix. and if you click it really fast for a lot of times you can go back through the beats.

The beat name: click it to go to the next beat.

well, that's about it. I've had houres of mind-numbing fun just messing with the controls, and making gawd-awfull sounds with this thing... where did I put those car-keys?

PS- Just added some beats to the end of the list...not my best work, but might be fun to play around with.

PPS- Also added the grey "Large Feed Size" button, incase the beat is freezing on some machines. This MAY help if you are having issues. it increases the leeway between the renderer and the output at the cost of increased latency.

PPPS- Super-Primo-Mode is now active. woo-hoo! (also added four "do Nothings" in the upper left. Clicking on one will cause it to do nothing -- but in a different way. I added them because I was worried that I might not have enough pointless buttons and features.

My To-Do list:
*fix Click-sync synth (drops a 16th beat every 8 measures and I DON'T KNOW WHY!) Causes the Do nothings to slip time. ( and we just CAN'T have that!)
*Fine-tune BPM
*individual sample Offsets
*write a De-clicker option
*Blabel-fier microphone option
*timestrech tempo adjust
*more buttons
*user programmable nudge patterns (this one's gonna be COOL!, if I can make it work)
* give Beat-baby the ability to rest and break


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