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E.Y.E.R.I.S. was made in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2014 and won people's choice at the Phoenix ASU location! Every choice you make will influence the way the game is played. There is an immediate effect and a delayed effect for every decision. Choices have no explanations and you must use your own interpretation of the images shown to decide which path to take.

E.Y.E.R.I.S. awaits you. Discover your experience.

-------Controls ------

Keyboard - WASD to move

Mouse - Left Mouse Button to attack

Gamepad -Left stick to move , Right stick to attack.

NOTE: Gamepad HIGHLY reccomended.

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FINALLY BEAT THIS GAME after like a thousand retries....
This game is pretty hard but once you get past the 1st level, it's good.
1st level: Try luring them into "clumps". I did this by going inbetween them and taking alot of risk. In the end you get like 20 or so of them in a large "clump" following you which makes it much easier to "kite".
After that, You can try the "heart[shotgun for people who can't aim sh*t]" or "nail[machine gun, recommended]". Don't pick the "brain[1 giant ball but it only takes 1 hit to kill them, so you need firerate]"
2nd level: much easier when you can shoot them back. I could easily stay on 1 side of the screen and just gun them down. There are even times [1milli-sec] when there aren't any enemies left on the screen.
3rd level and so on.... : You get 2 numbers on screen. How much to kill and how long to endure. Here's what you get to pick:
"Happiness [4 health and more time?]", "anger[3 health and some time?]" and other stuff.
After that i didn't really care which choice I made [lol, the irony]. But here's what I chose: Sadness, chat bubble and ladder. I guess I was too sad to talk about my ladder. lol
Technical points aside, this game contains nice qoutes. But I was too engrossed with surviving to remember much. Something about "perserverence".
Art style is very similiar to The Binding of Issac. which is quite nice. :)
An ok game, but considering the amount of time spent on making this, it's quite decent.

what coice

Why is this considered a shooter? Its just another avoid game with no attack.

AKTStudios responds:

If you played long enough and passed the very first level, you would realize that your first 'decision' gives you different types of weapon.

meh nothing new with this game same as every other avoider.

AKTStudios responds:

Only the first level is an avoid game. It ties in with the theme of the game jam. In our first experiences in live, we can only endure. We don't have the experience to help us through. As we make choices, we gain experiences and live becomes based on your choices.

don't want to hurt your score so i gave it 2.5 stars though this should not count as i cannot start the game. wish i knew why. screen just goes black.

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2014
7:53 PM EST