Dead Vault

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Accounting Arcade 25 Points

Run! Shoot! Dodge! Die! Rescue all people on Level #7

Big Entrance 25 Points

Enter the bank and check out the situation. Rescue all people on Level #1

Boiler Room 25 Points

Maybe survivors are hiding in the basement. Rescue all people on Level #4

Bureau de Change 25 Points

Some heavy lifting may be required... Rescue all people on Level #3

Executive Parking 25 Points

Blow up some expensive cars! Rescue all people on Level #13

Finance and Loans 25 Points

Ewww, is that zombie brains? Rescue all people on Level #9

Fire! Fire! 25 Points

You have a burning desire to leave here! Rescue all people on Level #11

H-block 25 Points

Solve the puzzles to rescue survivors. Rescue all people on Level #12

I.T. Department 25 Points

Defeat the I.T. department boss! Rescue all people on Level #10

Opening Hours 25 Points

Scope out the foyer, how bad is this? Rescue all people on Level #2

Rich Rebellion 25 Points

Escape the cubical farm... Rescue all people on Level #6

Roof Top 25 Points

Heading for the roof was a bad idea! Rescue all people on Level #8

The Atrium 25 Points

There's a boss in the atrium... I call shotgun! Rescue all people on Level #5

The Vaults 50 Points

Rescue survivors from the bank vaults... Rescue all people on Level #14

Poor Investment 100 Points

The executives are not happy! Rescue all people on Level #15

Author Comments

The local bank has been infested by zombies! Go in, check out the situation, and shoot them in the face with the copious amount of fire-arms left lying around! Rescue as many survivors as you can, and watch out for the Branch Manager!


pretty fun. for some reason it slightly reminds me of doom.

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I don't understand why this game receives such low ratings. The graphic of this game is good, although I hear no music. The zombies are way easy to deal with... A good, but not a perfect game. I would recommend this for casual gamer who wants to waste his time around.

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Good game! I made a playthrough of this. Here's the link, if you are interested: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxnNrOvSt3k>

There were a couple of problems with it, from what I could see. First, you should find a way to turn down the music without muting all of the noise. That's just a personal preference, though. I like the ability to have quieter music than is standard.

The other main problem I could see was that the main controls should have been a little clearer. If you watch my video, you will see that I could not figure out how to shoot on my own until after the first 5 minutes. It would have been nice to have the controls labeled somewhere in the menu.

The AI was ridiculously stupid at times, but honestly, that didn't bother me too much. There is only so much you can do. It did not ruin my experience. If the player is competent, you can keep your partner(s) alive.

Over all, a great game! I would encourage others to give it a shot! Keep making games, man!

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It's a respectable game but I ran into two things, my keyboard might be glitching, when I run it seems like my character keeps wanting to go in different direction and you only have to beat the level to get the medals, I thought you had to save them all to get them.

ffIt all feels a bit clumsy and the graphics are a little sub-par. Decent time killer.

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Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2014
6:25 PM EST
Action - Other