Candy Avoid Saga

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Entry for Candy Jam http://thecandyjam.com/
USE MOUSE to drag Candy Ghost, collect coins, avoid Candy King and get the highest score!

Is trademarking common words that ridiculous ?
In a perfect world, maybe not. It's only about protecting intellectual property while saving money for both the company and the government.

1) But during 5 years, the company has to agressively defend its trademark towards related and even unrelated games. It has been the case for "The Banner Saga" and Benjamin Hsu, this is about smaller game developers potentially losing time, money, and value.

2) Protecting a common word means that you're creating an aura around it. If Benjamin Hsu can be bullied for infringing, this becomes a freedom and creativity issue.

So, is it a problem about King or the system ?
The system encourages companies to protect their trademarks that way, King is using the system like many others do.

Unfortunately, King is not bad at only one thing : King clone games while making millions over it. King bullies smaller game devs. King use curious monetization tactics. King is disingenuous enough to say that "The banner Saga", a game about vikings and well... sagas, is a "deceptive" name. All of this screams unethical behaviour.

The Candy Jam is a protest against both the system and those abusing it : King.

Ethics matter !

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This feels too much like a 'My first Game Maker project' game.
I liked the music though.

Simple concept, great execution, and great thoughts on the matter. It's impressive how something having the word 'Saga' in a completely different context is 'deceptive' in any way. Come on, Sega, trademark Crush! Do it!

AWSOME!!! i know how to pass.MOVE SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Thanks for this enlightening game. As a result I cross posted to my Facebook timeline where King lives prominently. I sent everyone the junkyard sam story. Hopefully they'll do what I did and remove all King games from their apps as well as pass it on.


I never really played a game like this before! i found it quite interesting and unique in a way, its pretty addicting and the music is catchy! the candy ghost reminded me of pacman ghost, was this inspired by that? also i was wondering you know how apples are good for you and candy is bad for you? you play as the candy and dodge the apples, does that mean we are playing the bad character? kind of a twist! also how many apple kings are there!? so many kings chase you! i didn't know you can have more then 1 king! unless they all grew from the same tree like a blood line! at first i thought i was the apple king dodgeing the candy (because of the healthy fruit and bad candy) but it was a twist! i was the candy running from the kings! anyways great game!

I did a let's play on the game! check it out!


keybol responds:

Thank you for the nice video! I have great way for this to be controlled in a touch device and you can try it on this game now. You can drag anywhere from the screen, and since you're move is synchronized to the kings (who move and follow your path) you can easily adjust your fingers and still play the game.

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3.89 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2014
9:50 AM EST
Skill - Collect