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Once the game finishes loading, click on the screen then press the Space Key or the Enter Key to begin the game. Might take a bit to load so please be patient. This game was made in 48 hours and we didn't have the chance to put a preloader in on time.

Made for Global Game Jam 2014. Made based on this years theme: "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are."

Thanks for the M. A. D. E. for hosting the GGJ venue where this was made! Check out the Oakland Video game museum website: http://themade.org/

Have you ever found yourself in a dark place? Introspection is a character journey split into four mini-game experiences, each one taking the player a step towards getting over it.

Game #1: Arrow Keys to move.
Game #2: Arrow Keys to choose dialogue, Enter to select. Also, look for secrets! Think Konami...
Game #3: Arrow Keys to move, R to reset if stuck.
Game #4: Mouse to aim.

Justin Helms
Adam Vierra
Jason Lee

Christine Bui
Nedrick Mclaren

Writing, Audio and QA testing:
Chris Barylick

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I have to admire the ambition at doing a a collection of mini games for a game jam, since I tried it myself last Ludum Dare. The lesson I learned from that was... never again : P

Seems like you had the same problems we had then, the art style felt a bit uneven and unpolished, both on each individual game and when you think of it as a whole troughout the collection.

I really feel that the block game could have been much more interesting on it's own, with more thought out puzzles, perhaps a slightly different art style and more audio. I was missing audio as a whole? Everything felt very empty, and I feel that som ambient sounds and music would have helped to tie everything together better.
Especially having a unison sound style troughout several different games would have really tied them all together a bit better.

But it was still pretty nice for a game jam! Have seen (and made!) worse! Good luck on future projects.

Coolboyman responds:

Yeah, I don't think we'll do a mini game collection again if we collaborate for another game jam, but now at least I can say that I did one! My favorite game out of the group was also the block game and I think it could have been a standalone game as well if it was fleshed out more. That, and the shooting mini-game.

We didn't have enough time to get stuff like music in on time, it was one of those things that we're kicking ourselves for 10 minutes after the deadline.

Thanks for the review dude. As an added note, I played your game when it was first submitted, and I really liked it! I'm impressed that you were able to do that much in 48 hours. Keep it up!

The game is about(according to the description) being left in a dark place, when in the game it's about being left at a party by accident. Honestly, I don't see how the two coincide with each other. Seems odd, at least reword the description. I expected better coming from an alleged video game museum. 48 hour time limit doesn't excuse anyone. I'm not knocking, just expected more to the game that's all. It's great as it is, despite the mini games not really catching on at first glance. Took me a few minutes to realize how the "block" mini game connected to the story. About the girl trying to find the boy in a crowded room.

Like I said, I expected more coming from you guys. But I really did enjoy it.

Coolboyman responds:

It's all good!

I actually don't work at the VG museum, iirc most people who worked on this didn't. My friend was hosting a GGJ venue there. I'll update the description to make that more clear, sorry about the confusion.

It seems like it would be a good game but quiet a few things seem to be wrong every here and there...At first I thought maybe I was supposed to be confused, but some aspects were just kinda broken.

Coolboyman responds:

Yeah we may have taken on a too ambitious project for a 48 hour time period. Oh well, live and learn. :)

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2014
8:45 PM EST