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I made this for Halloween 2012 and I totally forgot to upload it here, oops. OH WELL HERE IT IS

This song is also known as 博識であるが故、狂気 or "Wide knowledge of the late, madness", though that's apparently a mistranslation. It actually means something more like "I have gained extensive knowledge and have therefore gone mad". At least, that's what I've been told. :B

Unfortunately publishing the file with full audio quality completely ruins the timing of everything near the end which is kind of important, so it's not as high as it could be. You can watch the <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7iZ3cZqai4">youtube version for better audio quality</a> if that really bugs you though.

All original characters in the L4D universe again. Hunter and Smoker are mine, Jockey and Charger are <a href="http://www.jazaaboo.com">Jazaaboo's</a>.

Original song/vid - http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm2516503
Fanvid that inspired the chibi style in this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGMO1ko5EuM


Full honest review time.

Story: I found that the plot you outlined was touching and almost a little cruel. It's beyond my range of comprehension to truly feel sympathetic with the main character (no tears shed today), but I feel almost horrified after watching that. Unfortunately, I almost feel my horror is unjust, since this scenario has a possibility of actually occurring. That may be why I feel this way. As opposed to looking at the zombie apocalypse scenario as a gun and violence-filled wonderland, truly appreciating the possible psychological horrors which may occur while one strives for survival is tough.

Graphics: This is probably the most difficult for me to comment on, since I generally prefer single-toned animations. Multiple types of animations in the same picture get to me after a little while. Regardless, I feel that the use of two different scenes like that really accentuate the girl's madness. However, in addition to the scenery, one of my favorite parts about the graphics is the font you chose. Such a violent and erratic typeset makes you consider how mentally frail she really is in such a state.

Audio: Yes, yes, you stated that the audio quality suffered a bit at the end. I only wish the exact opposite were true. While her writing symbolized her mental strength (which is why it was strongest when "with" friends at the end), the music stayed melodic and almost harmonious throughout, albeit a little bit creepy, especially by the end.

Overview: The audio was the area which put this movie at a 4.5 stars for me. The story was fantastic, the graphics were artistic on multiple levels, and the audio made sense and matched the tone. Simply, at the end, the repetition started annoying me. With this in mind, such mindless repetition only accentuates the girl's loss of mental comprehension. Great film. I hope you can make more of these types (ones where thinking more about them lets you appreciate them more).

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oh my god, Vocaloid!!!

And great movie.

what the fawk?????? 0:',

Loved it. Very well done. Great mix of theme's and art.

And Mohammed22 here the story. 4 Guys got to a clean room. As the zombie started poping up. They tryed to wait it out. The viruse is in the air. So after a while others started to trun. One by one. Leaveing the clean room so they didnt kill the other/ get help. At the end. The Girl was the only one left. And aftering waiting so long she lost hope on being saved. And left the room. Seeing the other in the zombie form's she snaped. Leting them eat her so she can become one of them/ just leting it end. (Being 100% alone story with L4D theme)

It's the big part of the zombie theme in a way. After all If someone you know or love is bitein. There dead on the feet. The nice's thing you can do if off yourself or be bait so other can get away/gain stuff to stay alive. Mixed with soul brakeing loneiess. It must wouldnt take it to long till death lloks like a good idea.

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I don't really get the story ?
can some body explain it to me simply

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