Candies Crush Saka 1.1!

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I'm sorry to delete the old version to post the new one, but Newgrounds for some reason wasn't updating the game when I uploaded the new game file.

Anyway, in this version of the game a shop has been added that can be accessed when you die. When you buy things they'll become available as pickups in the game.

ANGEL FORM: You have a limited amount of time to press the W A D keys to control the gravity of the candies, brushing them off the screen.

DEMON FORM: You are temporarily immune to damage.

BOMB: Blow up everything on screen.

Have fun!

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i think this is a good start but the physics are a bit off.in angel form if you hit w while a candy is near the bottom it will go to the middle plus its a little annoying how the power ups do not tell you when they're about to run out but it gives me hope that there will be a new game maker that makes great games in the near future good luck.

OrangutitanGames responds:

Thank you! The first draft of the game was completed in 3 hours. I added the other features as an afterthought. There'll be more updates in the future. There is a reason the physics is like that in the way I programmed it. I'll look into seeing if there might be a better way.

To clarify the functions of the W A D keys: W sends the candies upwards, which can be useful if you accidentally direct a candy toward yourself or you need to push some candies upward before you hit A or D so they don't collide with you (and you kill yourself). I totally agree that some kind of indication is needed that the skills are about to run out, though.

pretty good! very challenging. i just don't like the way the textures don't match and have some problems...

OrangutitanGames responds:

As a matter of fact, I'm working on the graphics with another NG member. Consider this a beta. Thanks for the fair and kind review!

Well it was interesting. I did not enjoy it at all the game play was slow and the graphics were bad but i understand what u were going for that's why I'm giving you one star.

OrangutitanGames responds:

Thanks for the review. I personally feel as though 1 star is a bit harsh, but I appreciate the feedback. You've certainly got a right to your opinion.

If I were to update this game and improve it, what would you like to see added/changed?

Thank you!

this was strange but good kind of :T

controls- 0.5
idea- 0.5
power ups- 1
nintendo coins- 0.5
candy physics?- 0.5

OrangutitanGames responds:

This is a fair review, thank you. I certainly don't expect 4 or 5 stars for my first game, and I appreciate that you showed me what you liked about the game. Can I ask, what didn't you like about the candy physics?

To clarify something, the "idea" comes from www.candyjam.com
Check it out so you can see a bit more clearly what I was going for!

Thanks so much! Have a nice day!

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2.91 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2014
7:44 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other