House of Wolves

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A tribute to Real-Time Strategy greats such as Age of Empire and Starcraft you will harvest trees, hunt animals, explore, build and conquer in your quest to seek vengeance on Lord Vilereck for taking control of the crown.

Prepare to save princesses, train wizards and even build mighty fortresses to recruit your own legion of knights and lead your massive armies to victory, or die trying…


this game is decent, however, there is a bit of a real game breaking bug... exactly what happened was I had built a hut going left, but a giant spider had killed the hut while I had it selected. I could neither select, deselect it, or select anything else. after a bit however, I realized what I could do was still build settlers and spearmen. and since it had glitched, these spearmen did not count towards resources used, or population. they would have decrease the current population if they died. around 1500-2000 spearmen and an amusing -150 population later, I beat the game quite easily (after saving and reloading it to clear the bug)

Pigwhistler, you just have to wait a while. After a few minutes it let me continue.
The game is quite good! I agree though that Iron is difficult to get. After the first 15 minutes I still hadn't found any.

Not bad at all.

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I think this game is Great Ive always played it. I never go for beating it its more fun if you just play it with out beating it.

It was fun when i played on Armor Games. I never did put a review for my own reasons, but here it is.

1) You can beat the campaign and survive the endless mode often with just peasants (since they are ranged in combat)

2) I'd like to have seen more, either in campaign or in variety of enemies. more than just the tutorial quest of defeating the evil ruler.

3) For the most part I found myself shredding to the end of the left hand side before the tutorial was over just because i could.

4) I dont like that i have to be online spending my precious bandwidth in order to play using local saves.

5) Hunting was almost useless after a point, for as soon as you have a few chicken farms you no longer have a real need for anything else food-wise.

Aside those gripes, it was a well made, well thought out game with a good game design. However it left me wanting more, simply because i enjoyed the game mechanics so much, and because there is only so much to do before completing the game entirely. -1 star for the gripes -0.5 because it is so easy to simply become a powerhouse before even really starting the campaign/tutorial quests. the rest is pretty cool.

Side note, i would address the massing peasants issue as it detracts the need for anything else in the game. Admittedly i have beaten the game with nothing but an angry mob of peasants, which shouldn't be so easy.

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4.26 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2014
3:51 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)
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