House of Wolves

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A tribute to Real-Time Strategy greats such as Age of Empire and Starcraft you will harvest trees, hunt animals, explore, build and conquer in your quest to seek vengeance on Lord Vilereck for taking control of the crown.

Prepare to save princesses, train wizards and even build mighty fortresses to recruit your own legion of knights and lead your massive armies to victory, or die trying…


great game it is awesome you should do more like this

somewhare during the game it glitched out on me and i lost controll over the people, other than that it is a great game.
but please fig this bug!

I honestly don't get the archers just because the settlers are cheaper, have more health and attack points and the fact they can actually fight back an enemy in melee. But maybe the archers have faster reload time or something. not trying to be mean or anything. I love the game note: this not a complaint Im just pointing out that the archers should get more attack points to make them worth my stone.

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very good game. a little tip if your playing the tutorial - at the start get plenty of huts up first as it allows higher population and build a couple of pig farms (food for soldiers). then recruit plenty of settlers and you can start farming for meat and other resources and youll be able to build a bigger army in no time. giving this game a 4.5 out of 5 because sometimes my settlers wouldn't move or when Im in a battle my archers and cattapaults would just stand there, but minor issues in an otherwise excellent game

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I give this game a 4.5 for one reason.... The villagers / settlers are really overpowered in large groups. They should be given a little lower attack damage, and maybe make them hand-to-hand damage only. The reason I say this is because I won the game with an army of settlers, nothing else. All in all a good game, it's something I like to play to pass the time and It reminds me of "Age of Empires" for some reason. I'm definitley gonna reccomend this game to a few friends though, as I think anyone with a liking to RTS (Real time Stragety) would like this game. So yea, in conclusion. It's a great game that I really like. I just don't think the settlers should be able to be spammed. Maybe add a system that makes them less powerful? Or inable to attack all together. And they just run from combat all together.

This is just my opinion though. Good work with the game! Love it!

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4.26 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2014
3:51 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)
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