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New to the school you find yourself befriending your teachers and eventually making theme your own personal slaves all while not bringing suspicion form the principle

-------------How to play--------------
-click on the periods of the day to make and action
-each action will increase her obedience lust and either lower or raise suspicion
-once obedience and lust have been raised enough you unlock more action to do
-once both obedience and lust are at 100 you would have successfully made them into your personal cum dumps!

(Game is still early only version 0.6 looking for feedback to
------------Currently looking for good BG Music royalty free send PM with link will give credit in-game----------------------
Update 0.7
-Save and Load Implemented
-New Interface
-Gallery unlock
-fixed bugs

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Gallery doesn't load and save feature doesnt save for long

censored, jikes.


I like the game but there are a few things about it that bug me. After you succeed in getting them all to be your cumdumps, whatever you click on when you talk to them will prompt the "Great Job" screen after that action is complete. This even happens in the gallery after you close the images. When it happens in the gallery, it brings you back to the game. The image for forced fuck on the gym teacher doesn't show up in the gallery. The English teacher's gallery says that there are 12 images when there are only 11. Similarly the Science teacher gallery says that there are 16 images when there are only 15. All the galleries, regardless of how many images you have each say that there are 0 unlocked, even though you can open them and see that they are clearly there. The gym teacher, when you compliment her, starts with +2 suspicion when she is saying "How dare you say such a thing!" then goes to +5 when she starts thanking you, which is the opposite of the other teachers

Other that that, it's a nice idea for a game. The images are great and it's not overly complicated. Great job

Simple gameplay, great for late night adult game binges. I do give you a 10/5 for the grope option for the science teacher. Literally just fall asleep in her cleavage.