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A-Hole in Time

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Author Comments

A trigger-happy jerk goes back in time. Shenanigans ensue.

Written, voiced, sound design, produced by Ricepirate (Mick Lauer)

Animation by Twisted4kStudios


Wow... not surprising in the end. I kind of expected that guy that was shot to be himself from the future... especially since everything was changed into look like him.

Still kind of weird in the way that it doesn't make sense. Like the first time he traveled to the past, what was he originally trying to stop himself from doing? If he never traveled back through time the second time... he would never gotten shot. So why did he travel back in time the second time?

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this was a good video

Awesome Paradox, Awesome idiot action. Loved it.

the end was predictable after he came back

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Lovely animation, lovely story-telling. New favorite for me.

Neochilds, yeah, trying to explain it is always interesting even if as a bonus. Since the source material, namely the flash movie, is not getting itself as seriously as we are, we won't hurt it anyway. ;)

Shadowlink82, you're missing another type of timeline that's most likely used here : the branched timeline. It happens whenever something is changed to the past of a fixed timeline, causing it to create a whole alternate timeline. In here, we have X coming from his X timeline, arriving in the past. But the simple fact he went there created a Y timeline, and in fact he arrived in that past rather than his own. In other words, as soon as X was transported to the past, he became Y. Going back to his time, he discovered he was in the Y timeline with all its concequences, but the machine was still set to the Y timeline past, and that's why those 2 could meet. In the end, X disapeared forever from the X timeline right on the first time jump, and so did the real Y, erased from existance the moment X did his first time jump and became Y. In other words : we never see in the whole movie the real Y. Turning into nothingness because of a time paradox is probably something far worse than death, no matter what death you can imagine, but that's what befell to the real Y.

To sum up : X timeline, nobody messes with the life goo in the past, and X in the present time jumps and disapears forever. Y timeline, in the past 2 versions of X meet next to the goo, the younger shooting the older. The goo gets mixed up with older X, altering all future life. in the present, Y prepares to time jump, but disapears forever, as X is the one coming back in his place. Later X reuses the time machine to fix his mistake, thus he disapears from the Y timeline as well. No Z timeline.

Where it differs with your statement of multiple timelines and dimensions is that the machine is not set to a different timeline (and the scientists probably have no idea of it), but rather time itself forced this setting upon the machine to preserve the X timeline in check. Action, reaction. The Y timeline already being disturbed as it is, Time sent X to the same past when X reused the machine. I don't see X reprogramming the time machine on his own, specially when he has no idea of History basics like the animal evolution reigns (dinosaurs in 2Billions BC... lol ?) and is more influenced by movies than education. So yeah, i totally see it as a universal law safegarding the X timeline but not needing to do so for the Y timeline.

That's it for my thoughts on the probability of this time travel mayhem. One thing's for sure : you don't want to mess up with Time. :)

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Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2014
11:34 AM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Frontpaged January 21, 2014
  • Daily Feature January 22, 2014
  • Weekly 2nd Place January 22, 2014