Button Adventure 2

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Click on the Smile to generate a click!
Buy upgrades and helpers!
Take place in events!
Mouse 1 (Left click)

He was right. We all knew he was going to be right.

Well folks, as not promised, here is Button Adventure 2! After a whole days work of slaving over Flash CS6 Pro Trial Edition,
StickRunningSupreme and DYRTHEDESIRE have made this great new game. A first in the DYRTHEDESIRE series, but not unfriendly to StickRunningSupreme's quality of games, Button Adventure 2 was crafted with all the ideas of Button Adventure 1 mashed into one potato, stuck on a piece of cardboard for a homeless man to eat. Playing Button Adventure 2 is like voluntarily putting your testicles on a chopping block, and slicing them off vigorously with a katana. Playing Button Adventure 2 is like being James Rolfe. Playing Button Adventure 2 is like going to see your mom one day, in her bedroom, with nothing on except a very skimpy garterbelt, only to find your cock - in her hand - and your mouth - on her clit. Playing Button
Adventure 2, in my own words, is just kinda fun.

(Click the book for the lore!)

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My childhood has been ruined by this game...

Just kidding brah XD

This is a groundbreaking gem in the frontier of clicking games everywhere. Nowhere have I seen such an original storyline, graphics, or voice acting. This game is a must play for all pee pee geef lovers and small pron gif lovers as well. The only downside is that it's not available in braille or described video for the visually impaired. I recommend this game to all my friends.


Glad you liked it! Good job on getting the same high score as the number 1 guy also. :)

Because everybody likes a game with a penis swinging in your face.

A bad, homosexual and not funny remake of Cookieclicker.
Well done!

This game has subtle homosexual undertones to it.