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Mermaid Murderfest!

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Arrow keys control

It was a dark and stormy TITS. From the depths, a Mermaid reguarded the sailors above TITS envious eyes. All their treasures should be TITS, and she would kill TITS TITS TITS so that she could TITS TITS

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pretty much the same as everyone else, though i saw the control thing on first try. other than that, my only qualm is the combo thing. i can barely hit 15 sometimes, but i guess thats part of the challenge.

TheMillz responds:

Hey thanks for playing my game :D
I make stuff under a new username now, check out my 3D stuff: https://suitsnnukes.itch.io/

Continuous fun, riveting music, and interesting artstyle.

The game is accurate to it's title. The graphix are amusing (not the best) and I understand you previously mentioned you did this in two days. Either way, the concept and the game play are hilarious. It's just the controls the threw me off. They're not bad. They're unique and I like that. Except I didn't know how to play until I died a few times. Maybe you should focus on informing the gamer and not just TITS. I do happen o read the description before playing.

controls are a bit difficult, graphics could be better, I like the music, and I like how you went with the classic idea of killer mermaids instead of cutie mermaids.

Why is this adult. Goddammnit newgrounds. Anyway the game is alright like you said in some comment that i read you made it in two days. Its a fun little arcade game that needs some tweaks. But furthermore its fun to play. The psychics are pretty cool of the body parts falling into the water. The controls arent THAT hard to understand. When she hits a pirate she just automatically takes some turn for some reason. Like i said some tweaks. Good job. keep on doing what do you do man. or female.