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Author Comments

Platform around and constantly morph into reality or ghost block to help the hero reach his goal.

If you want more levels and cooler blocks such as reverse blocks, comment below and leave a rating! :D


Wow! Nice idea. Fast-paced and exciting, yet not too mind-bending.
i really liked it!

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Nice game, actually!
Any hope for sequel?

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ish cool... ish nice...

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The game is a cute time-killer in which you guide your person to safety before he drastically falls to his doom. Jumping desperately, you use the arrow keys and the spacebar to move the block (you) into place to save him. A short game, yes, but indeed a game none-the-less for a go or two.

This game was actually a surprise to me. It was truly an enjoyable little game. The mechanic was a classic(?) one in which you are the block and you go around trying to provide the human(?) a safe passage through the boards. The music used was enjoyable, but it would be nice if there was more soundtracks used to give it some variety. Also, there were a couple bugs such as when he was falling into the pit of lava, I saved him, but he didn't start walking forward, he was trying to jump his way out (wut?) and another bug I can't remember. But with all that said, this game has a huge amount of potential, and I really hope it will be eventually improved.

Suggestions for Improvement:
(1)Things to improve would be the surroundings on the boards such as making the underground areas look like caves and what not so that you actually feel like you're in a more adventurous and less bland world. (2)Also, there should be a clear view to what the human is actually walking to his doom to get to, like seriously. (3)Next would be making it so that the mechanics would be introduced more smoothly so that the player isn't immersed in the lava(?). (4)As I said before, some more soundtracks would be nice, and maybe a menu to. (5)There should be power-ups or some sort of side-objectives besides getting the person to safety, even if that's incorporating enemies or other obstacles. (6)Finally... more levels. This is a huge thing about the game, it doesn't have many levels and sadly the texture is the same so it feels as I said, bland. I hope to see this game yet again, just with some major improvements.

TL:DR This cute game is where you, the block, are trying to get your human to safety so he doesn't kill himself. Oh, and I made some suggestions too. :3

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glitchy and slightly annoying music.
but the gameplay is nice (glitches aside) overall too short
but you said you were going to make more levels sooo.. ok 4/5

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Credits & Info

2.90 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2014
5:08 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle