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Tek Tactical Temp

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Author Comments

The original version is updated with the bug fixes.
Play there to get medals and scoreboard submissions.

Tek Tactical is a survival-style shooter with amazing graphics and animations, tons of RPG elements such as upgrading stats and customizing weapons, and plenty of ways to destroy your adversaries! Tek features 9 weapons, 44 skills, and 130 achievements, offering up countless hours of play!

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How to use attach? i use many keys on keyboard but has no effect

So this is the same thing as the other game? Why the new submission? It's strange now since you got the award with this one, but all the medals with the old one. So this is the one people will notice, but they have to go to the other one to play it as it's meant to be played. :P Great game though.


tedgaming responds:

Newgrounds just so happened to be making changes to their system which for some reason doesn't let me update the game file. This happened right when the game came out and there was a fatal bug that needed fixing - just bad timing overall. Because I couldn't change the file and people were getting frustrated with the bug, I created a "temp" version for people to play. Since I have an import/export feature, they can carry their data back over to the main version for the game. I still can't update the files yet, but I've gotten Tom to manually go in and replace the files for me.

I will be getting rid of this version eventually so you can bring the data over to the main version of the game.

found another bug here: u loose ur special attach(when attached) if u fuse the carbine, not all attachs are lost, i had the spec and a laser attached, only lost the special attach. I havent tried with other weapons

tedgaming responds:

Oh, the special attachment being the shotgun/launcher attached weapon right? That sound like something I might have missed. Let me check out the code. Thanks!

add to my fav, and hell 5 star rate

tedgaming responds:

hell ya! By the way, check the game description for the link to the "real" version of the game where you get medals and stuff.

I had a review on the other game upload but I figured I might as well just say that the now that the bugs are fixed the game is pretty damn fun for me.

It's kinda funny how flash games can get thousands of reviews yet only a tiny fraction actually get the first five achievements. Makes me think about gaming in general and if most people only play games a certain way. Assuming that there is some truth in the statement, I guess this game could be compared to a cult classic.

tedgaming responds:

Yeah, it's really hard for me to decide what to do when a ton of people complain about certain things and they're the exact things that a handful of people love. For my wallet's sake, I hope it can be a bit more than a cult classic, lol.