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What Would You Do???

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What would you do 3!

I collected a bunch of voices and videos of people asking simple "What would you do" questions. I animated them with the help of my friend Danny and Jordan.

Music by Audiomicro.com

Edgar Nielsen http://Funymony.newgrounds.com
Danny Reyes http://Oryozema.newgrounds.com
Jordon Comeaux http://thepivotsxxd.newgrounds.com

Lollergator - http://lollergator.deviantart.com
David Dushey - http://fungasm.newgrounds.com
Edgar Nielsen - http://www.Mediamuffin.com
Colonelcheru - http://www.youtube.com/ColonelCheru
Scott Piteck

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whatcwould you dov if rain was cats and hats were shoe aaaaand if you could only speek in rhyme

what would you do if that annoying kid in class wouldent stfu

What would you do if you wacky random ding-dong?


He has beautiful hair, it looks like mine. Mine's black though.