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Level 1 10 Points

Finish level 1

Level 2 10 Points

Finish level 2

Level 3 10 Points

Finish level 3

Level 4 10 Points

Finish level 4

Level 5 10 Points

Finish level 5

Nohit 1 10 Points

Finish level 1 without taking damage

Nohit 2 25 Points

Finish level 2 without taking damage

Nohit 3 25 Points

Finish level 3 without taking damage

Nohit 4 25 Points

Finish level 4 without taking damage

Nohit 5 25 Points

Finish level 5 without taking damage

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

A short platformer with only 5 levels.
Try turning off weather in the options if the game is lagging.
Controls are explained in level 1, you can also use WASD instead of the arrow keys.
Requires login to save progress.
This is my first published game so feedback is highly appreciated.

edit: Added easier difficulty.
edit2: Spikes better fit their hitboxes, shortened enemy death animation and adjusted some intersection behavior in the last level
edit3: fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in level 2
edit4: major bugfix for lv 5

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I have to say the game is amazing the gameplay is simple but challenging the design is simple but full of beauty the music fits the mood perfectly the game is just fantastic if I had something bad to say about the game is that the difficulty ramped up really quickly from level 2 the game became quite a challenge that's not a bad thing but a more gradual change might be better to get used to the controls.
anyways the game is fun and that's what counts I wish there were more games like that with this art style and controls ... are you still making games?? and if you have more games released please direct me to them :D

Etherblood responds:

Hey, thanks for your feedback, glad you like it.
This is my only published game.
I am still working on more games, but those are long time projects and I don't expect to release them this or even next year.

actually quite a challenge.. I have to go do some stuff but I'll come back later for more. I really love the music, the art is very appealing simplistic but moody, great voice acting and overall appeal. Great work. PS: was this a Flash AS3 game? Cheers!

Etherblood responds:

This is an AS3 Flash game, yes. Glad you like it.
The 'voice acting' are just sound files from the game League of Legends, I took all my sounds from there. (except the music)
Thanks for your feedback.

Definitely shows promise. With more time, I'm sure you could create something amazing. As this is, it falls severely short. The physics are wonky, the sound effects are too loud compared to the music, the game window bleeds over the side of the Newgrounds border that it's supposed to be contained in, the music doesn't always play correctly, and you don't have enough control over your character in mid-air.

Despite these problems, it's obvious to me you have talent. I like the choice of music and sound effects, the graphics are nice, and the game has a good mood to it. I look forward to your next work.

Etherblood responds:

I never really paid attention to the relative volume of sound&music, thanks for pointing that out.
The music always worked for me though.
Thanks for your kind words and feedback.


Etherblood responds:


There are some major problems here but also some major potential. The first thing I noticed was a style of minimalism which sometimes helped the game and sometimes hurt it. The silhouette platforms were good. The menu buttons were good. The voice acting was good (though repetitive). The lack of boss music was bad. The lack of animation for the enemies was really bad. The lack of any sort of AI apart from the boss was very bad. The lack of a menu background, bad. The general lack of things to do in the game, very bad. The fact that the difficulty only affects your health, also bad. Even when you have a crouch feature, you only use it a few times throughout the entire game.

Overall the game showed signs of polish, but just as many signs of a lack of polish. The textures in the background were well-done, the character sprite is well-done, and the boss, interestingly enough, has well-drawn hands and a very sloppy looking body. I like how the lava had a delayed reaction in response to the boss' pounds, and how the screen shook with each attack. I see that you tried to spice things up with a flight mechanic in level 4, but it's not enough. You need to incorporate stuff like special abilities, collectibles, or features like climbing, sliding, or grabbing. This game is lacking in content and it hurts it a lot. Overall the gameplay becomes very formulaic due to the fact that the enemies don't even respond to the player. It also makes the player feel disengaged, which could have been rectified by implementing some kind of plotline.

I also want to mention that you really need to do something about that boss battle. I actually liked the physics - it's neat how the player moves faster while jumping - but I found many times that the player was sometimes fast enough to out-walk the boss' attacks, and was sometimes too slow. I noticed the player tended to die from this while walking outward from the center more often than if the player was walking toward the boss, but it wasn't a sure thing. The mechanics were at points sloppy, having once been pushed back into a wave of lava by a hand, or other times falling straight through the ground because I didn't jump quite high enough (at least stop the player from moving forward, show them that they've hit a wall).

Anyway I just want to reiterate that the boss fight is hell if you're going for achievement 05. It's frustrating and fickle and I feel like you didn't have enough people beta test the project. It would have been nice if the boss had more attacks, but more importantly the delay between the attacks needs to be greater, or at least more consistent.

Etherblood responds:

Hey, thank you very much for your detailed feedback, I agree with most of your points.
The main reason so many areas are lacking is due to my timelimit of 1 month. I never made a game with deadline before and pretty much messed up my time management (and adobe flash worked against me sometimes, it was pretty frustrating, I won't be using it from now on). I'll also spent a lot more time on games in the future.
The voice acting are just 'stolen' sounds from the League of Legends champion Nami (some enemies have Brand's voice and the boss has Malphite's), there wasn't much to take from, so yes it's repetive.
The combat in this game is pretty non-existant, your only attack is to stand still! and move your sword forward, and the enemies apart from the boss all have a set path, thats just sad...
I never encountered a bug where I was pushed through the floor, that obviously should not happen.
The boss battle is very easy when you know how it works, I think the problem is that the possibilities to beat him are pretty limited and the game has no hints at how whatsoever.
I personally find lv4 much more difficult than the boss fight (because I know how it works).
I ended up adding a lot of random because it got to repetive, adding more phases instead might have been a much better approach. I pretty much just forgot about boss battle music even though it's the most important part...
Well, again, thank you very much for your feedback, it's helpful and I'll make sure to reread it as soon as I'm working on the mentioned stuff in my next platformer.