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Earlier a fellow Newgrounds user posted a similar game, and I was just curious if I could make a similar one in only an hour.
I hope this doesn't see rude to people, but I do hope you think the game is alright.


Arrows for movement
Z for jumping.


This is a nice shell of a game. If you did this in only an hour it is pretty impressive, I would love to see where you could take it by expanding gradually. Only thing I would say is that the double jump is a little buggy - if you touch the ceiling after a single jump, you can't jump again.

Keep at it!

It's kind of nice that you supposedly made this game in an hour, but maybe you should have put more effort into it before publishing it. There's a walljumping system that I guess is not intentional, but to which I had to rely to beat the last level. Moreover, why do I stay still when on a moving platform ? It makes no sense. You should have tested this game before thinking that "it worked". Very average overall.

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DarkPrinceVI responds:

Everything in the game is intentional. Wall jumping intentional.
Everything Intentional.
Wall jumping takes a while to program I'll have you know. I just happen to hate it that whenever I put it in a game it's considered and accident, because I actually spent time to program it, it's not a simple matter.

The moving platform issue is something I can fix, but would have taken more than an hour, it suffices that you have to walk with it, logically in the real world if it was moving that slow that's what would happen anyways, it's not the end of the world, though it is kind of sucky I'll admit.

I did test the game, the game works, you can play the levels you can beat the levels, and you can beat the game.
I made it in an hour as a challenge so it doesn't warrant "more" effort. Since I put plenty of effort to get this running in only an hour.

But of course the game is obviously average.
Thank you for your review

The problem with it is that it's a tutorial or template.

Please don't submit things that come from tutorials. They count as public files, since they're available to everyone. And when you do tutorials, you're not actually creating your own game. You're following steps to re-create someone else's game, and so, that's why they're actually against the rules. Submissions must be your own creation.

This wasn't bad, as far as it looks decent and the controls work, but it should, since that's what tutorials and templates do. Since it's a public file template or tutorial, it might be removed.

This has been submitted MANY times by others before you, albeit in a more basic form. The music was nice. :)

Keep working at creating things. Just make it all your own.

Good luck.

...one suggestion, UP to jump!

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DarkPrinceVI responds:

What template are you mentioning? Because I made this game and designed all the levels and art myself. Absolutely every single thing in this game is something I made and I didn't use a tutorial or template. I opened stencyl, I went to blank game and I started from scratch making this whole thing myself. The only game this is actually based off of is someone elses game in the sense that mario is similar to megaman, and it also contains elements of a previous game I made. So please before giving me a bad score next time, know what you're talking about. I don't mind bad scores but being told I'm a thief for something I made makes me very concerned.

averrage game.

DarkPrinceVI responds:

I will take that as a compliment in this case. Thank you.

that WAS easy. there needs to be more levels but i actually had fun so there.

DarkPrinceVI responds:

Thank you sir, I'm sorry I was not able to make a more challenging game for you. If you have not played my first game it is similar to this but much more challenging. If you happen to be looking for challenge by me. Though I do believe you may have already played it.

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1.77 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2014
8:20 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop