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Tek Tactical

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Goal Setter 5 Points

Earn 6 achievements.

Killer 5 Points

Kill 5 enemies.

Mass Murderer 5 Points

Kill 125 enemies.

Minimalist 5 Points

Earn 1 achievement.

Serial Killer 5 Points

Kill 30 enemies.

Achievement Acquirer 10 Points

Earn 40 achievements.

Badge Badger 10 Points

Earn 25 achievements.

Goal Getter 10 Points

Earn 16 achievements.

Half-Assed 10 Points

Earn 65 achievements. That's half of the total 130 achievements.

Rampage 10 Points

Kill 550 enemies.

Maniac Murderer 25 Points

Kill 1,900 enemies.

Medal Monster 25 Points

Earn 80 achievements.

Non-Stop Rampage 25 Points

Kill 1,125 enemies.

Maniacal Mangler 50 Points

Kill 11,000 enemies.

Medal Maniac 50 Points

Earn 110 achievements.

Menacing Maimer 50 Points

Kill 4,000 enemies.

Genocide 100 Points

Kill 60,000 enemies.

Perfectionist 0 Points

Earn all 130 achievements. Must've taken you a while, huh?

Author Comments

- The help button now links you to a textual guide.

- Fullscreen mode is now available through option/settings.

Artist's Note:
Thanks everyone for being patient as we've been working through the bugs. For those who don't know, this game has been a LONG time coming... and both the programmer and I are excited to have finally released it. Thanks to everyone who's played it so far, and thanks for the continual awesome feedback.. it's been really helpful.

Programmer's Note:
The infamous equipment menu bug has been fixed along with all the little bugs I'm aware of.

Game Description:
Tek Tactical is a survival-style shooter with amazing graphics and animations, tons of RPG elements such as upgrading stats and customizing weapons, and plenty of ways to destroy your adversaries! Tek features 9 weapons, 44 skills, and 130 achievements, offering up countless hours of play!


Really great game! I love the upgrade system as well as the inventory set-up. The weapon find, level grading system, and graphics are great. Although...

As I do enjoy playing this game... I am color blind. The crosshair color prevents me from enjoying the game to its fullest. The dark red color you have against dark background make it nearly inpossible for me to even comprehend where I am shooting.

So I ask you... For the sake of the color deficient as well the truly color blind... You change that crosshair to bright yellow or some other color distinguishable from the background content.

Thank you for uploading such a great games to NewGrounds.com

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tedgaming responds:

I hadn't considered that and I'm glad you enjoyed the game even with that legitimate complaint. I will add an option to change crosshairs to bright yellow.

sick intro tune ^^

Well most people already said it but yeah, the map is to small or the characters are to big, there's no variety and the menu buttons are way to small.

Wasted countless hours on this. I have only 5 achievements to go but there is one that utterly bullshit. 4000 skill levels? Are you insane? I'll have to beat Master difficulty more than ten times and finishing Master diff. once is costing me more then 6-8 hours! Did you even play your own game? No one is gonna spend weeks and weeks on this game just to complete this. It's not even worth it. Stay away from this game

tedgaming responds:

I have lowered it to 500 total skill levels. With 44 skills, you only need to level up each skill to level 11-12.

Great game! The reason why i put a three is that the graphics is....uhhh....too bad? i guess. and the desc says it has amazing graphics.

good but gets a bit repetitive

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Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2014
10:27 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun