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Construct Castles at War

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Author Comments

A Strategy-Game, that puts you in the position of a Lord, which has to defend his castle and manage to defeat his enemy.

Easily left-click on something in the field to select it. Right-Click to double the game speed.


FIrstly, to comment on the balance issue: If you're having problems with the game initially, I'd suggest(after beating this first on normal in 3 tries, then on hard without much trouble) Just pushing for villagers for about as long as you can get away with. The village is your money-maker and even with thieves and Wild animals raiding, You'll normally make quite a bit more money getting about 4 or 5 villagers and then going for the barracks(which is 200$, quite cheap). I'd also recomment going for the mining camp only after maxing the village, and getting a huntsman and Guard, as it's 500$ for the same income amount as a single villager over time. Normally the random events can be met evenly if you are willing to focus your money for the first part of the game.

Onto the actual game, though, it's fairly lackluster. The animation is practically nonexistent, the choices you have to make are actually pretty limited, the combat is similar, and it truly offers little in variety in terms of challenge or tasks in general. It's a game of waiting to click menus atm, and that can be a bore when there's so little to do or look at even with the menus.

the music itself is fairly lackluster and a single track, and you're literally looking at the same screen the entire game, with only a few movements of certain things or sudden building images popping up to break up the still life painting.

The gameplay itself is a little better, but still very dull, since, as I noted earlier, there's not much to do. The game features a total of 7 buildings, several of which do their task automatically, 2 of which perform the only vital functions in the game - creating villagers and building units - with the guard giving you slight amounts of free soldiers from time to time to check on. defending takes no effort and is as simple as a match calculator, and attacking is even worse, simply requiring you to own more units than the opponent in order for an automatic victory.

Even upon winning the game, I felt disappointed, as there is no more offered to you than a black large-font "Victory!" sign after my "attacking unit" moves to the left and right to attack.

This game is still a game, at least, though - there is indeed a certain level of difficulty, and a simple problem to solve. I played this 4 times, and while I can't say I was exactly in awe, I enjoyed myself. But those looking for a Rich strategy experience may wish to look elsewhere.
An interesting first effort, and possibly something that could become passable if effort was put into it, but right now I'd have to consider it a mildly enjoyable but overall bad game.

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Yes, this game desperately needs to be balanced. I'm playing easy mode, and I can't make it past the first attack. Either thieves get my money before I can build the Guard, or wild animals kill my villagers before I can build the Huntsman, or my soldiers quit before I can build the Tavern. You could argue I'm a bad player, but even a bad player should be able to advance in an easy mode.

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I agree with goolsby7, good game but just riddiculously hard. Especially the burning tavern made more than a few of my hairs go grey instantly.

Ill try it a few more times but i have never made it past the third attack because either my soldiers had run off due to missing tavern, or I had not enough soldiers due to constantly rebuilding the tavern.

an enemy attack timer would definitely be helpful, and maybe a possibility to put out those fires. When a building starts burning its like the flame is laughing at me since i cant do anything about it.

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freezing-rain responds:

Yea, now in the new v3.5 I've added a new building: The Well, which can prevent those fires. ;)

not bad, although the difficulty is ridiculous for easy. i had to retry about 20 times before i could survive the first attack. i think an onscreen timer for money gains and build times would be nice though. trick to play but definitely requires strategy. good job i say

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freezing-rain responds:

Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it! :D
I've testet the game often at normal difficulty and I thought it's not too hard... but I'm the dev, I know the game... hmm... okay, I'll try to balance it more out in future versions. :)

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Credits & Info

2.28 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2014
3:48 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)