Zatanna's Delicious Body

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Zatanna the DC Comics magician takes part on tthe use of magic for the viewing pleasure of the audience, as well as her own personal enjoyment.

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Okay i see potential kinda look like the art of purplemantis of hentai-foundry maybe as angryshooter said..add some colours an animation loop and her with a partner is my constructive criticism

I hope you find the time and motivation to polish some of these works and maybe create more complete content in the future. You have the potential and the animation although sketchy looks very smooth already.

Dat-pervert responds:

I'll be on vacation for a couple of weeks in two weeks. But I'd love to find a way to keep the sketchy look and still making it look polished and finished just because I olve stuff like sketchbooks and pencil tests. I'm actually paying a lot of atention to the feedback to figure what works and what doesn't, soI do appreciate the review and the comment :)

Aboslutely no effort whatsoever.

I would have given at least one star for making this chick, but I cant even do that. The girl was disproportionate and mannish. Nevermind the fact her hair looks just as bad. Dont go this low to pander to these 9 year olds looking for boobs on newgrounds, I should know, I was one of them 4 years ago.

Dat-pervert responds:

Well I have to be honest, a lot of what I have done with this account is just exactly how sketchy or unfinished can an animation have to look just before it looks bad (that's why every animation here is different in style and length) So yeah. I do put effort into these, but time contsrains are everywhere. I do appreciate the review, and it is important feedback that I´ll keep in mind. I'll work harder next time.
PS: Aren't you a Little Young to watch this?

could have sound but mostly need to have more to it. it basically looks like a demo it and lastly it would be better to if it was color

Dat-pervert responds:

Ok, next time I'll add sound. I just had a problem with looping it but I'll work on it next time. I'll try to add some color next time too, but I' trying to experiment a Little bit with just how unifnished it can look before it looks bad. So far this vid is the worst I've made, but I'll learn from it.

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3.23 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2014
2:24 AM EST