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The Bartender

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Comedy - Original

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Jan 15, 2014 | 11:53 PM EST

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Author Comments

Aahh! This took way longer than expected, but was a huge learning experience. This entire voice clip was fabricated by Chris Zambelis, who goes by SeiyruRenaih. Thanks so much for making the track!

I'd also like to say sorry for making promises I couldn't keep and talking about a deadline that was 3 months late. Nonetheless I hope you all enjoy this flash! This is actually my first "full-length-colored-tomato-flash", at least since 2009.

Also thanks CooliSushi for pumping out the backgrounds, ya' really saved me ass ya' did.

Also, check out the YouTube version if you like!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hahaha. This actually made me laugh. The joke itself, on it's face, isn't really that funny, but the timing and delivery is good that it works. I loved the popping sound, and I especially loved that Steven gave the whole monologue at the end with only one baloon boobie left. Simple and funny, how can I not love this?

Mallowin responds:

Yeah, I didn't want the speech to be taken too seriously otherwise people might have been turned away from the comedy itself. I added in the popping sounds for extra effect, and I figured the timing worked pretty well with the balloon pops.

Thanks a bunch!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I thought this was funny and different, but the actual speech about women's bodies at the end could have been worded better. The intent got sort of muddled with clumsy phrasing.
Not sure why the bartender was the grandpa, and where did the other two friends go...? That was confusing. And I think the speech at the end would have made more sense if the bartender had suggested showing of tits in lieu of ID rather than the kid... just little things. Overall I liked the style.

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Mallowin responds:

I actually didn't write this script, I animated it, but I would say Chris has done a great job with it. The Bartender was made clear he was the grandpa in the end, and this was used as the ending's "WOAH TWIST!". As for the friends not being shown after the first scene, my intention was to show all three of the characters standing outside, but I wanted to enforce the fact they were only minor characters, so I ended up hollowing them out in the silhouette and making everything black. This also worked great with not revealing Steven's outfit until his first line to the bartender. I considered showing them at the door sticking their faces in during the monologue, but that would have driven the attention away too much after introducing them so quickly. Lastly, I personally believe it's up for the viewer to make the inference that the kid's mother is an incestial whore. (lol)

Thanks a ton for the review!


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Overall I just found it sort of obnoxious and not very funny. it was just generic to me, there was nothing really unique about it or anything new it brought to the table of videos like this. Animation was kind of choppy and uninteresting to look at. It almost seemed like the video was trying to make some sort of point or something I guess, and if it was, it didn't work. The only thing I found okay was the twist at the end. Voices were decent quality, though the kid was kind of annoying to listen to.

It's not that bad for a first submission, and considering that, you might be on the road to somewhere, but I would seriously suggest polishing the animation, working on the humor and writing and basically everything in general.

Mallowin responds:

Thanks, I appreciate the review! The writing wasn't actually mine, (personally I thought the comedy was a mix of ridiculous irony and "genuine" morals) but I'll take full credit for any choppyness you saw in the animation. I actually spent weeks shading all the frames, but as a review had noted in the past, not everything is completely animated.

Congrats for being my first "stern and thorough" review!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

really steven you go through all of that!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Gotta love that ironic humor.

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