Fragment of Dejavu

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Fragment #1 100 Points

Complete the game in various ways

Fragment #2 100 Points

Complete the game in various ways

Author Comments

Prevent an airplane from crashing in Fragment of Dejavu. Use the teleporter to travel back in time and save to your girlfriend. You have less then a minute...

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If the game play was as good as the realisation it would have been a 5/5. +I really appreciated the character's speedy walk! :)
But there's so little clues or things to interact with. The game-play is mostly trial & fail... and that's not very fun.

*trial & fail spoiler* Try one of the 3 phone numbers starting with a +6 (as shown on the newspaper), and for the other ending: find the bomb and try cutting one of the 2 wires.

I don't understand all story but game is not bad!!
Animation isn't best,and I give... 4/5

This game is a waste of fine sound and artwork.

Try using this style in a longer game net time with richer mechanics and story. It will be a success.


I'm sorry, this game was a great concept, but far too short, and poorly executed.

First, the story is flawed straight out of the gate. I don't mean to sound insensitive, but this man researched this time machine for how many years? 22? Is he so pathetic that he can't learn to let go?

Second issue I had was a lack of context. I assumed that the plane crashed because an engine blew out, and didn't realize there was fowl play until I talked to the security guard and saw the 'Terrorist' option. It would have been nice for a news paper in 2021 to mention a bomb on the plane.

Third, the news paper in the cafe was entirely pointless. Not only can you not find the section that was torn off, the news paper also contains no useful text.

Number 4, the bomb. Why would the data pad attached to the bomb contain the terrorist's passenger number, and then conveniently display it after fucking around with the buttons for a bit?

I went into this, expecting to have a Groundhog Day type mystery puzzle, where I had to carefully piece together who done it, and stop them. But really, all it ended up being is a linear game. A big dream squeezed into as little effort as possible.
This had the potential to be one of the greats, but sadly, length and sense drop short, and so does my rating.

Over all, a 3/5 and 4, from me. The game wasn't bad at all, not in the least, but seemed to fall victim to tight deadlines, or lack of imagination. Again, I'm sorry, but I can't rate higher.

Graphics are great and the game is good. Not a bad story for such a simple game.
I did notice one strange thing regarding slower pcs. While completing the game on my slower pc using two different browsers (Firefox and Chrome) the medals refused to unlock despite clearing the cache. On my faster pc downstairs they unlocked immediately. I don't know what was the difference other than speed since I did it without clearing the cache.

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3.61 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2014
9:42 AM EST
Adventure - Other