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Everything I hate about the late night prowl of going out to the dance club. It never works out the way you want it to does it!?

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I'm going to have to disagree with this one. The guy who gets shot down at the club while the girl goes home with the jerk? Yeah he was probably a "nice guy" aka not really a nice guy but more of just a creepy guy and the "jerk" probably wasn't even a jerk. Even if some of the girls do go home with actual jerks though, go for one of the other girls there. Don't go for the coldest girls in the room.

Also, "white guys can't dance?" ... please. If you're a white guy who can dance, you'll do alright in the clubs and the girls will even come to you. And if you can't dance or don't want to dance, then maybe clubs just aren't the place for you. Not everyone has rhythm.

How to succeed in clubs: Be able to dance well, show that you have a lot of energy, and be reasonably attractive. That's pretty much the "secret recipe" right there. If you're not physically attractive, can't dance, and are lethargic you probably won't enjoy your time.

Also, 2 hours line wait? Get there early! If you've been there the whole time and pumped with energy the whole time, that's going to attract girls over your way because 1) the longer you're there the more girls show up so the more opportunities and 2) the more energy they see you have equates to stamina means more girls will come to you because they want a man with stamina.

Also some clubs are just duds or you're not really into the atmosphere or the music sucks or the people there aren't your type. Try a different club. It should at least have music you can kind of get into. So for me I avoid rap, hip-hop, and country clubs because none of that is my kind of music.

Anyway, good animation. I just didn't agree with the message in this one.

Great work, can't wait for the next one!

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Yet another great video, and with even more animation (the part with the kid was hilarious).

For those wondering what TarroxIronWolf said in Binary:
"Damn this was hella funny! You would be one hilarious guy to hang around with. Well because, your videos pretty much sum me up. *sigh* I need a hug."

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Don't listen to him kids he's a pussy. Disregarding that, I've watched several animations of yours and they are all similarly unfunny, untrue, and not creative in content or animation style. This one takes the cake.

yes. what cyberdevil said. clubs are so far from my kind of town, they're on another planet.
bad aspie joke. ba da TSSS.

ya nailed it bra.

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