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Total Score
1. Newgrundling 140,619
2. BeavisMedal 140,617
3. DeuceLightning 140,354
4. TheFirstPeople 140,106
5. danishgoel 139,915
6. Bandbe 139,891
7. darkmatt93 139,813
8. SuperSapito 139,747
9. metroid76 139,731
10. NadeTheThird 139,715
11. PrinceSlayer 139,662
12. PhantasyReal 139,657
13. Darkdrako 139,638
14. Fioresa 139,603
15. SFMF 139,601
16. Naturas 139,598
17. ShaqFS 139,569
18. spooony 139,561
19. raymund132 139,553
20. MadMath 139,506

Author Comments

Lizard enemies are invading your kingdom. Defeat them and protect Spanthera using your holy spear vibrissa!

Aim with Mouse & Click to Throw

Programming by : Danish Goel
Art by : Renson "kreig" Gamboa
Sponsored by : Fastgames.com

Awesome voice acting by David J Dixon. Make sure your audio is on!

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Really AMAZING ! I wish there were more episodes. Actually I finished easy but I really had fun.

Nice perfect little game. Runs smoothly, funny, well animated, nice drawings, good background music and nice voice acting. Got all the medals and aced some records. Thank you for Spanthera for it is good !

I played it when you launched it and I just stumbled upon it again, so here goes saying, that this an amazing artwork quite unusual with this kind of games on Newgrounds! I had a fun time playing. It's not too hard a game, yet a fair and fun challenge. Your level design says "Hey, I'd like you to play and try out a bit until you're happy to have solved it!", rather than "Yolo, fucker, break ya fingers while trying this shitty bugged beta game!"
Thanks + MORE!!

Really a good game. Seriously thanks for creating the game and i tell you you are a good creator!

danishgoel responds:

Thank you very much for these kind words, and I am glad you enjoyed playing Spanthera.

Great game !!
Finish with all stars, thanks to the creator !!