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the rejected face

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Author Comments

Okay, so after a short break, here is my 3rd clay animation. I am still using my droid razr for the camera for the time being. I moved my set up to a metal table that is right by a standing lamp w/ two light sources. I tried to angle the lighting on the table and also used flash w/ each photo. Now that all that is said and done... my final notes to you all...

I get a lot of flack on my animations. I am very well aware of this. I am aware that not all of the animation is 100% fluid, smooth or clear. I am aware that sometimes the focus of the camera may be a bit blurry. I am aware that the flat surface/board that the clay is on may move around during the animation play back. I am aware that the lighting may not always be spot on. I am aware that my feet are moving in the background off to the side of the table. I am aware that the camera sometimes pans in and out rapidly (I was testing the zoom on the camera... It didn't turn out well).

*deep breath*

The reason I am writing all of that out is so I can get that out there in the open, so you don't have to maybe criticize me so much. It seems like in the community, no matter how many times we say that we are beginners in the animation world, our voices fall on deaf ears. I am new to this animation process. This is only like my 3rd animation in my entire lifetime. I am trying a new avenue w/ my clay and hope to broaden my horizon. All I am asking for is just some understanding. If I wanted to get booed off the stage, I would go out and practice my comedy routine right now at the nearest comedy club.

I'm just trying to spread my wings a little here and fly, okay?
that's all.

Two last things:
Music credits go to Triplejc for his song "Biscuits and Eggs"
I did attach this song to the animation when I made it. and it DID play back fine. If you cannot hear it. I'm sorry. I tried, but if the NG website can't play back the file properly, that's not my fault.
If you want to hear it if it does not work on here then here is the youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtILglSbi4I&feature=youtu.be Also my animations are always made just for fun and for no commercial means whatsoever.

The title of this animation is called "rejected face" because as you will see, from the flower a face emerges. Then the flower rejects the face and rolls away, as does the leaves and stem of the flower. The face is then sad and rolls off to the side and the it reforms w/ the yellow center in the middle. The face closes its eyes and it undergoes a metamorphism into an owl.
The wooden thing that carries off the pink clay balls is a wooden turtle. I thought it would be cute to have it run around in the animation.


this is much better then the one in "under judgment"

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Jiovanni responds:

yeah okay.... I heard your "tough love" the first time bud...
I don't need to be bitch slapped by the likes of you twice, thank you very much.

Woo, these keep getting better and better! As for surface moving around (I thought that was the camera btw) was going to suggest taping it, but it seems you clipped it. Do you have a stand for the camera though? I imagine that'd simplify a bit. The FPS is noticeably smoother in this than the last one, the transformation to a flower and from a flowers all very fluent, and that turtle just walking over was an unexpected addition. Doesn't happen to be a home-made turtle btw? Eyes popping up towards the end was somewhat disturbing lol, and the face almost turns into a somewhat more creative version of the classic angry faic. It was a fun watch, even without the sound.


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Jiovanni responds:

I do have a special pose-able arm for the cell phone camera. In fact, the pink clip that you see in the animation that is holding the board down, is actually the clip for the arm that holds the cell phone in place during the shots. I got it on amazon! it's great! The turtle was a goodwill find by my husband. It is hand-carved I'm pretty sure. I have been adding smaller frame movement for each shot, so that it looks smoother during play back. So far it is working well.

nice use of stop motion. great idea but maybe some audio would have made your story more convincing

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Jiovanni responds:

once again..... there was music. I added the music during the production of the movie. When I previewed this movie on newgrounds after it loaded, it played music. And if you go to the youtube link that I posted you will hear the music in the video. For some reason when I post my animations on newgrounds, it cuts out the sound completely.

Nice, the turtle has this nice effect when is put along the clay, you have got quite good at this.
A pity about the sound.

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Jiovanni responds:

Thank you! I thought the turtle was a cute effect as well!

Well it's like they say, you never know what you are capable of until you set your mind to something.

Well, I like your funny faces. I did not like your second animation because I had no idea what it was about. But these are fun. This one shows progress compared to the first one.

I just like to see something unusual/creative/original in a video, and your faces do have it. I come here for entertainment, and I'm being entertained, even if there is something lacking technically or technologically. Keep working if it gives you satisfaction, and perhaps only use the reviews to improve your work and not to bring yourself down.

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Jiovanni responds:

thank you! that was a very nice and honest and positive review! I enjoy my clay sculpting and now breaking slowly into the animation world of clay too. I just like doing what makes me happy and keeps my stress level down. Clay is that solution for me.

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2.69 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2014
12:52 AM EST