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Protect the core of your heart from incoming "Stress Balls" for as long as possible. The game is over when three Stress Balls touch the core.


Use your mouse cursor to move the Pong-esque paddle around the core.

You can pause and/or unpause your current game anytime by clicking anywhere on-screen with the left mouse button.


This simple, arcade-style Flash game is meant to be my long-awaited debut into the games industry; my first step to achieving my dream career.

I have no idea how far this game will go upon its release. I may start planning a sequel with more gameplay modes if it is well-received. Nonetheless, it will forever be remembered as my debut.



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Is pausing the game, and putting the mouse where the next ball is part of the game? I feel like making pause the click, you've made it that way, but I couldn't be sure. Otherwise, the text that appears needs to be a different colour, because it bleeds in too much, and is unreadable regularly. The game has a nice feel, but it is very simple. The vibe is nice too.

MysteryEzekude responds:

I knew that including a pause function would be risky as it would allow players to potentially cheat their way through the game. However, I didn't want to run the risk of making them skip bathroom breaks and other important events, so I added it anyway.

I had a lot of fun! as previously mentioned, power-ups would be cool, or maybe extra lives floating around to keep it interesting, Definitely needs a more upbeat song to keep you going when the balls aren't going near you. Maybe also add different colored balls that do different things, like a gravity ball that constantly pulls toward you, or bigger sized balls.All around this game has allot of potential and i look forward to a hopefully more interesting sequel.

hey not bad game. It is my favorite genre from the tetris >_> Anyways, I think some powerups or something like that would be nice addition

MysteryEzekude responds:

I'll look into power-ups when planning a sequel.

I'm very sorry but this game was so boring. I tried so hard to enjoy it really but i mean it is way to slow and i started on hard. Also sometimes it took forever for the balls to even get to the center so i just stared at the screen for a while. I just ended killing myself because it was so boring and the music doesn't help it either. The way the game is now I am not sure why this is a P-bot pick :/ I understand it has meaning and all but this would have been way better if there was upbeat music and waaaaaay faster balls with a tone of to much to handle. The phrases also were also tired out quick. There could have also been levels and maybe a story if you think about it. I really like the keepaway theme but it was just to easy,slow,boring, and a let down. If your aim was more towards the emotional feeling of stress you could have added a story to bring me in instead of just some weird phrases that just confuse me. For example, the core could have been a teen/person and the balls all the troubles in his life such as grades, parents, girls, bullies, money, future (stopwatch maybe) ect. The abstract just doesn't work for me. This is constructive criticism so consider what i say and refine your future games before you release them. Don't settle for less or incomplete.

Overall main complaints are unfulfilled potential, very slow, and lack of connection to the game.

Side note I dont make games, I just play them. Good luck.

This was a fun game! Rhe round avoider-type is nothing new, but there are some creative elements that make this differ from the rest, like the messages that appear when the balls hit the paddle, the story behind it, the ambient atmosphere and the fact that balls stay within the canvas instead of moving away once you deflect them. I always think of RED when I play games like this, an old favorite, but it's great to see new challenges based on classic ideas. It's a great debut, maybe not so unique it'll instantaneously spur worldwide fame, but definitely a good start. Good luck with that career!


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3.30 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2014
8:49 PM EST
Skill - Other
  • Daily 5th Place January 11, 2014