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SUS: The Game - Brazilian

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Use the arrows keys to walk around.

There’s only one doctor up to treat you, find him or her before is too late! nobody cares or want to help you, so good luck!

Game developed in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare Game Jam

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red SUS

I'm brazilian and my mom and stepdad work at Santa Casa de São Paulo which is the biggest public hospital in Sâo Paulo, i NEVER heard them saying good stuff about the place, this game is so accurate it hurts. LOL

First of all, I'm from Brazil and I believe this game sucks.

Now, it doesn't suck because I'm brazillian or anything: it sucks because it has no soundtrack, no menu, no story, no context, no nothing and, in that sense, yes, it is very much like going to a hospital in Brazil, which, by the way, also sucks very badly.

Now for positive feedback: The game has a nice merit - being made to satirize the mayhem that is the public health care in Brazil, it is a one-of-a-kind concept. I'm very present in NG and I can't remember the last time something like this was pulled BUT that's not enough. I believe that a good game, with plenty and good information, would sensibilize other people much, much more to what happens around here, specially when a fuckton of people will come to see the games in FIFA World Cup.

********** [For international readers] **********

If you guys don't know, most of the money that was suposed to be in hospitals, schools, airports and general public infrastructure in Brazil is currently being used to raise the monumental stadiums FIFA has required for us to hold the Cup. If you think our politicians suck, you are right. If you think we also suck for putting them in office in the first place, then again, you're right.

Bottom line, if you come, you may have a really good time, but have in mind you'll be coming to the tourist trap of the century.

The game above was supposed to question how sometimes people wait in lines for hours, sometimes days, to be seen by a doctor around here, majorly in mid to big cities and that, sometimes, people that can't wait much end up dead.

Sorry for the rant.

Very well, this game is very really
I'm from Brazil. The government worries only with soccer!!
If I could, I would give 10 stars

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