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Stickman Freestyle BMX

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Stickman Freestyle BMX is a bike racing game in physics world inspired by old school freestyle games with elaborate combo system, sophisticated ride rating and lots of content. Just grab your bike and show the jury your best ride.

Up arrow, W – acceleration
Left arrow, A – lean left
Right Arrow, D – lean right
Down Arrow, S – brake

Special characters:
Q – change direction
Space – Jump
P – Pause
O – Objectives

I – Indian
J – Onehand
K – Onefoot
L – Nohand
K+L – Candybar
J+K – Seatgrab
J+L – RocketAir
J+I – Superman
J+K+L – Nothing

List of Game features

Beautiful hand-drawn graphics
30 levels – every level has gold, silver, bronze medal rating
5 game areas – Desert, Winter Mountains, Jungle, City, Pirate Ship
13 tricks to master (Backflip, Frontflip, Onehand, Onefoot, Nohand, Indian, Candybar, Seatgrab, Rocket Air, Superman, Nothing)
Elaborate combo system
Simulated jury – 7 judges to rate your ride according to their specialization (Flippy Felix, Double Donna, Walter Wheels, Colin Combo, Triple Trixie, Single Sam, Arnold Air)
20 funny stickman characters to play
5 BMX to buy
6 parameters to upgrade
150 game objectives to complete (5 objectives in every level)
Adrenaline rush – when you complete enough trick, you get extra speed and acceleration
100 achievements
Artefacts to collect in every level
3 difficulty settings – Easy, Normal, Hard. Suited for casual and experienced players. Easy to play hard to master
Controls in two versions, doesn’t matter if you are right/left handed
5 savegame slots
SEO friendly title, 3 very popular keywords
Dynamic background
Interactive terrain objects and water
Antigravity areas
Bullet Time
Special bonuses and effects – Turbo
Hours of fun

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It's hard to use but awesome! and more fun!

NOXGAMES responds:


complicated, but cool!

even though i don;t generally like this genre of game, i found this to be entertaining, but really complex. unless you can master having your hand all over the keyboard for multiple buttons/moves/combos, you'll find this a little over matching. i couldn;t get the hang of all the combos needed, but i still had fun playing it. the trouble is, i couldn't begin to give advice on how to possibly simplify this. So, i'll leave that to someone else with a lot more experience. overall, good game for people that like to be challenged. 4/5

NOXGAMES responds:

Thanks for feedback, we wanted to make this game complex, but controls are really hard for some people, we will figure this out in future

Very good game it's cool simple to control a good difficulty it has upgrades it can be fun and get you attention it has custom things and well gameplay perfect for sport fans

NOXGAMES responds:

Thanks for your opinion, the game is focused more on freestyle fans and skilled players, it is less casual