Metal Girl Blazer

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Version 1.00

The metropolis is in peril!! It's up to the Iron Edge Girl Blazer to save the day! But Beware...Your opponents will use every dirty trick in the book to subdue you!!

This is a fan based, simple game that's possibly still in development. The original concept is from a guy who goes by the name Marimo.

I'll also mention that this is a hentai game. It's not too graphic, and it should be fun... At least I hope you enjoy it! ^^

Edit: Well I see this hasn't gone over too well... This is good for feedback, because this was more of a test to see what uploading a game to Newgrounds would be like. I've actually made this game a while ago.

Here's a serious play through of stage 1, which is how I perceived the gameplay to be. I was playing with the keyboard:

If your experience was not like this, please let me know, and if possible, tell me why you think that might be.

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is there any way to mute it?

I'll admit, with as bad as these type of games have been in the past I had lost all hope but this one is pretty good. the enemies take a lot of hits b4 they die but at least you have a lot of health. there is a "trapped" problem where if you get knocked down between multiple enemies you can't get out without a good chance of being hit a lot and I think the special bar should fill up faster but apart from that this game is nearly perfect

Has so much potential, It just needs a good polishing! (more scenes including doggy style, gang bangs (other than just kicking the tar out of her while fucking her), maybe a few more enemy variations, possibly some art upgrades and a gallery. It might even do well to give her some sexual attacks of her own.)

I've yet to beat stage 3 but it seems to just be both types of baddies fighting her and a high ko count. Maybe if you put some citizens of the city around to rescue and some vertical mapping (subways, apartment buildings, restaurants, ect.), it could add that extra layer of depth that would take this from an area brawl game with sex to a open world-ish platformer with objectives and rampant sex.

You've got a solid base plate here for all of this, just a few sprites here and there, some background props (might even be able to find some spare artwork online that the author doesn't mind you using to lessen the workload), a bit of map editing, and a few extra short animations added in would make this a hit, boosting it at least 1.5 stars if not 2.

It's a great concept, the art is good, but the gameplay needs a bit of work. I kept getting surrounded by what felt like fifty guys and couldn't fight back. They keep spawning behind you, which is problematic because there's no way to defend or attack behind you. And you've only got the one hentai animation, wit what looks like three lead-ups. I look forward to the finished product, keep up the good work!

I don't know if it's just me, but there's time where I get up from being off the ground and I'll do 3 kicks when I'm trying to press left to get out of being surrounded. It's rather annoying when you have people on your back and you're kicking at air for three kicks, just to get knocked on the ground once again.

Other than that, it seems okay. You could work on some of your hit detection, especially for the grenades, because the fact you get stunned from any sort of damage makes it a little annoying trying to dodge them only to get stunned from something that might not have even touched you and then get knocked down again.

Not the worst game I've played, definitely, just needs quite some polish.