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Virus Wars

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Inspired by Phage Wars/Tentacle Wars/Civilization Wars

You got the chance to control the viruse, which can inject his DNA-code into a living cells. Your objective is about getting rid of all enemy viruses and saving the organism.

You’re allowed to modify your virus to improve any of these characteristic:
- Strength - increase virus strength;
- Speed - better virus moving speed;
- Reproduction - improve cells reproduction speed;
- Defence - increase cells ability for defence.

More information in help section.

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Guys, he said it was Inspired by Phage Wars and Tentacle Wars stop complaining about this game already

ANOTHER FUCKING DRAG AND DROP GAME? This style is old and stale, please stop making these types of games, and try to come up with something other than a fresh coat of paint on an old barn.

Alright, the only reason I gave this 1 star is because it has good gameplay. The reason it has good gameplay though is because it is copied almost exactly from phage wars. The only thing different is the aesthetic design, which is a really lazy job on your part. I know you wrote "inspired by" in the description, but this is exactly the same. When you want to make a game inspired by, you give it new life as something different, you innovate to give it something new. You don't just copy it, slap a new look on it and send it back out.

Sorry if this seems harsh, but it just looks like you put very little effort into it and somehow snagged a front page for it.

This has phage wars written all over it... same story type same sprites...
heck phage wars 2 is more creative than this they even have a multiplayer version for phage wars on one website

in this game the virus ai does not act fast enough i have all the bases before they even make a move
the level creativity is ok putting me in some tight spots before the ending levels

but the ai are not aggressive at all and this leaves them venerable to rapid expansion ALL THE TIME
other games have a system in place so people don't just mass expand and that's what makes their games smarter than this and better than a simple phage war copy / past

=====Why 2 stars?=====

--Stolen Idea of the Game, without acknowledgement
=>The game was great, for a stolen idea of the game.. I would've rated this a higher score, if at least you should've acknowledge the game of "Phage Wars" for the idea you've gotten it from. I appreciate game developers, animators, etc.. But simply without any acknowledgement from were you got the idea.. Seemed like a rip off..

--Bad AI in these type of game
=> I've played a lot these kind of games. But this.. It's easy to predict what will the AI target first. Most of the time, when there's the least virus you have in a single organism.

--Leveling your Virus
=> If you've made a mistake in choosing an upgrade for the virus. There's no "undo" button, or even a "reset" button. Surely that's quite important, especially in level completion leveling..

--Not much of a challenge, Weaker enemies
=> Due to the unbalance leveling for your virus. When you reached the max strength.. It's easy to capture any of your enemy.. As if your enemy didn't leveled up his virus, yes? It seemed while I was playing, the enemy is obviously weaker compared to me in the long-run.

-----Walkthrought? (Walkthrough)
=> Well obviously you quite misspelled it.
=> On this day of April 20 2014, there were still no update on that walkthrough. Still on "Coming Soon"

=> Don't you think making a walkthrough for this kind of game, is kinda useless? The whole game depends on what your virus evolves into (upgrades).
-->Through progressing the game, even without any of those upgrades. You can still manage to win the game due to poor AI capabilities.. If AI are that poor. Meaning making a walkthrough of this game seemed pretty useless to me. Randomly attacking to any small organism.

P.S. I suggest at least acknowledge "Phage Wars" due to it's very strong similarities of this game. It'll just make you look like a thief if you don't.