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Cydonia 2

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Cydonia 2 is a fast-paced bullet hell shooter. After a horrible accident on the mars, you must rescue Dr Martins. Fight and defend in beautiful but dangerous scenarios, featuring new and enhanced game modes. Enjoy Cydonia 2!

Controls: Mouse = Aim & Shoot, WASD = Move

Developer: http://www.setentia.com.ar/

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>A lot of artwork and actual storytelling have been put into this.
>The enemy bullets and background were at one point too close to eachother colorwise.
>Most of the enemies could be one shot, others would take too long to kill.
>The story and intro was nice, but unskipable and annoying after going through it the first time.
>The storytellers voice was too low compared to the bullet blasts, so I had to either turn the volume up high to hear him and get annoyed by all the other sounds, or tune it down to a tolerable state.

I really like the concept of the game though, but It kinda feels like a lot of hard work and art was put into this game, just to waste all the potential.

I wouldn't play this game again as it is, because it annoys me too much. If the developers either improves it or creates a new version of it that is better executed and lives more up to its potential then I would love to play it.

bad voice acting, annoyingly unskippable intro

but that art..

btw the voice acting was even worse because it was so low compared to the sound effects that you couldn't hear a word of it while the sound was going. so what was the point of even having it?

great art though.

A lot of art resources put to great use inside of a mediocre execution.

I liked the sound and visuals. The control mechanics are great. One thing
defeats you. Balance. I know it seems strange, but the game became unworthy
of continuing about the 5th time something spawned on top of me to lasso in my
ultimate destruction. The upgrades were good, the enemies were great... but my
guy really didn't stand a chance. Heaven forbid I continue. I didn't even feel like this
was a 1990's arcade.

Perhaps allow heals between levels? Perhaps include a heal powerup? You know
you gave us enough power-ups as it were. I'd love to play this again, it really was
a pretty fun game... until I realized it was 'for a limited time only.'

I hope to see more from you.

No offense, but most people playing Flash games are not wanting to watch some cut scene that they can't skip through. It is simply not that interesting. If it was, you could charge for your games. We just want to play. We are playing this in our browser, not our Xbox Ones.

I liked the game a lot. I didn't run into any glitches yet I run some 13 year old computer, so clearly from all the reviews it is either a lucky strike or some stupid Apple thing. Anyway, it was fun but after a while got repetitive. There were either enemies that died in one shot or enemies which took so long to kill they just floated off screen. It could have also had a few elements other than looking like some Windows Background theme. The little guy almost made it into a game which played itself, as it shot out enemies. However, you did nail the narrator and the script. I really did like voice on him and the script kept me entertained. It was almost a little sarcastic and this guy should really get into a few other voice narrating jobs. I didn't experience any lag, and the animation and sound went with each other. This game could certainly have a little more improvement, but I think it hit several spots which made this game enjoyable and not a complete waste of time thanks to some big-ass explosions.

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3.43 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2014
10:13 AM EST