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NotWizards Ep2

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watch it on the youtube for extra watchabiity

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Why are you so good at backgrounds they are a FEAST for the EYES woah

This was so weird, so random and so freaking hilarious. xD Had to watch it twice because it was just so funny. The last line is brilliant.

Best thing I had ever seen

A great example of how a robotic future would mess up the world. XD Genius!


Haha what??!!
This is definitely off the wall entertainment, but I found myself amused and enjoying it.
I really like the animations style and color of the backgrounds.
They almost remind me of older episodes of Looney Tunes, like way before the WB and that garbage ever existed :D
Anyway, this is the 2nd vid of yours I've seen, and I'm starting to dig your off beat style.
I'll keep an eye out for your next submission.
Keep up the great work!