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Zahtas: Ep 3 Love and...

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Author Comments

Zahtas: Episode 3 Love and other femine products
run time: 5 minutes

Zoltan's quest to be a total ass whole to everything has led him to a semi attractive female!
Author's note: thanks for standing by me on this one this animation cost me allot more than I expected so please enjoy :)

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You seem to have the potential to clean this up and make it seem much more epic visually. Regardless, I thought this was rather funny and I'm going to check out the rest of the series.

You've got that type of non-sequitur humor I remember being thrilled to watch back in Matt Wilson's Bonus Stage era. (Only with a quirky, perverse edge.)

I voted 5, but this review gets a 3 5 due to the first thing I mentioned. It could be WAY more presentable. (For example, things are disproportional. Camera seems somewhat off and skewed. Perhaps check out V-Cam?)

Regardless, good work. I'm gonna check out the rest. You seem young and the humor is rather on par to your age... I have a feeling as you practice and comical maturity rises, you'll great something great in the future.

thebreadandbutter responds:

Thank you for the actual review rather than just saying "you suck" or "lol nice", it means allot to me that you'd take the time to write this. With the v-cam I think what ruined that was having the entire animation be on one seen (which is what I am planning to fix in future animations so stay tuned, I would love to have a good critic like you giving me feedback to help my animations evolve.)

P.S. the animation was written by thepilgrim202 aka Zoltan

Reference to Hobomon was well done. And I like this animation all together. 15 dead weasels out of 5 dead weasels.

Funny Stalker ;D


Voice acting was great!