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Flash Library #11

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Author Comments

Please send in something for tomorrow. Tomorrow's theme is Mining, 12/24fps, 720x405, has to fit an E or 13+ rating. No Minecraft is allowed - that's for another day. PM me for details.

***to send a part, upload your .fla (if you have Flash 8) or .swf (if you don't have Flash 8) to the NG dump and PM the links to me***

Today's theme was Cave Story. Artistunknown started off the first part, I continued it and then sent it around to various people who continued it. Each person had an hour or less to finish their part, and it was sent back to me. Cyberdevil also sent in a Cave Story flash of his own.

*will accept entries until 11:59PM EST tomorrow*
24/12 fps
BG: white
fits an E or 13+ rating
Tomorrow's theme: Mining (no Minecraft)

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minecraft ( ;3

That turned out nice. :) Wonder what happened to the final Dark Cave piece of audio though? Looking forward to another great day!