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Aeryl 5 Points

Complete Aeryl

Bravado 5 Points

Drink poison

Double Rainbow 5 Points

Scale Mount Ulahard

Elaris 5 Points

Complete Elaris

Good boy! 5 Points

Play with your dog

Immature 5 Points

Annoy the portly man in the shower

Meztla 5 Points

Complete Meztla

Novice 5 Points

Craft your first potion

Overreaction 5 Points

Burn Duro to get his ship

Potal 5 Points

Complete Potal

Rhisla 5 Points

Complete Rhisla

Ro'gor 5 Points

Complete Ro'gor

What's this? 5 Points

Pick your first ingredient

Bullet 10 Points

Complete the race across the border

Fortified 10 Points

Collect a health upgrade

Herbalist 10 Points

Collect 100 ingredients

Lynaii 10 Points

Complete Lynaii

Pacifist 10 Points

Complete the race without firing

Sacrilege 10 Points

Enter the locked temple on Meztla

how it will end. 25 Points

Defeat X'o'chthu

Master Alchemist 25 Points

Craft all potions

Sneaky 25 Points

Don't get shot on the Potal battlefield

Fourth Wall 50 Points

Visit the developers

Potion Addict 50 Points

Drink all potions at once

Man of Steel 100 Points

Collect all health upgrades

Masochist 100 Points

Defeat X'o'chthu using Freeze potions only

Author Comments

You are Zos, an alchemist. You are called upon to protect your planet and solar system from an ancient threat...

Move with arrow keys or WASD. Interact with down (or S). Throw or drink potions with Space.


Great game with good alchemy mechanics that reminds me of Secret of Evermore.

But I ran into a little problem at the end of the game. When going through X'o'thchu's teeth, there's a point where you must cross a lava/poison pit with Zero Gravity (or maybe Invisibility potion.) But once inside, there are no more ingredients to get back out if you run out! Please fix, and maybe I'll come back to get the last few medals I'm missing.

Btw, pretty good ending for such a short game. Poor dog.

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Asvegren responds:

You took the hard way over the lava. There is a way you can cross it with a potion that is infinite... (hint hint)

This game is great!! I loved the potion system and how you had to discover new recipes, although the controls were a bit awkward (even if you get used to them).

I also loved the music!! Great job!!

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Holy jesus dialogue skip options..

Fun game but controls are awkward.

little good game but the posions are great!!

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Credits & Info

4.08 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2014
1:39 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other