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The Chess Shot

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I made this last year for my 2D Production class and forgot to submit it, soooooooooo I thought why not now? Just for fun! The animation had to be no more than 30 seconds long and use at least 3 different shots. Turned out pretty good for taking 10 weeks.

Oh wow cool! A daily feature! That was nice of you guys haha. And yes yes i know the pawn can't normally attack straight ahead... but... it's just an animation... sooo oh well??? Sorry i didnt follow the rules i guess! 8D

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short but definitely amusing. Also the animation is smooth and good quality. 5/5 man

HAHAHHAH The King is such worthless next to the queen, XD

Great Animation! nice idea, keep on the good work :D

Solid animation and a stellar idea. I think it lacked a proper ending however (and yes, I am aware of the parameters for your class). I just felt as though the pawn poking at the king left this animation too open-ended. Keep up the good work though; your animation skills are excellent so at this point I would focus on story development.

good stuff man

that was awesome